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Introduction: Knex Concepts: BB Magazine

Okay, now quite a while ago I discovered, whilst mucking around with my Knex M4, that my BB's (the little round pellets fired out of airsoft guns) fitted perfectly in the holes of connectors! So after some initial brainstorming i decided how to make a normal mag that holds BB pellets instead of rods...But trust me, it's harder than it looks.

Now I know that there are Knex guns that fire BB's but my aim is for someone to make a great detachable mag that fits an assault rifle (like an M4 or G36 mag, you know the normal ones, not a horizontal mag or anything like that...) that works really well and shoots one BB at a time...

I took some pictures of my design so after I broke it up I could go back and remake it a later time (when I was better at Knex mechanisms) and finish what I started. I am asking the Knex community to help me by finishing it!!!

Good Luck!




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lol should i also try creating a gun that uses BB's?

Just finished the stoper

still working on:
the remove mech

cool! message me when you're done, i can't wait to see it!! :D

Thank you I am still planing the whole removeable concept. It has to be able to still fit in the gun though😓 but i hope you can tweak you gun to have it to fit.

I just made it i am adding a removeable mech and also a a stoper ro make one bb come out of the chamber at a time... I will post on instructables as soon as its

I have tried this before with no sucess.The bb's keep falling out.

With the spherical shape, the force will push it out the side without getting a chance to actually load

i depends on how the bullet is received into the chamber. I found a way using two white cons connected by three white rods with a tan clip on each facing inward. Much like the loading mech of this ( but just a lot shorter...

Here's the problem with BB's being fired from a K'nex layout(your magazine is not what I'm criticizing, you did well with it):

It's horribly inefficient. BB's are pretty inefficient in airsoft weapons and that's the best it goes. If you could format this to work with a slingshot then it could theoretically be useful but trust me, smacking that practically non-existent, tiny sphere of plastic with a ram is going to give it literally no force and it'll go like fifteen feet before randomly dipping in some awkward direction. It could work, but it would never, NEVER, be transferring energy through that BB properly.

It actually gets decent range if you use the firing rod like a slingshot- that is, when the rod is cocked the bb should be directly in front of it and it pushes the round out the barrel. I never tested it outdoors, but I got one such design to hit a wall 15 feet away with a loud pang.