Knex Connector Sorter Machine


Introduction: Knex Connector Sorter Machine

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Click here for part 1 (The rod sorter)!

Step 1: Part Count

Part count

dark grey 45
blue 12
purple 52
white 24
yellow 136
green 2
red 5

yellow 59
blue 56
green 163

blue 5
grey 6

blue 2
tan 6

Step 2: Sorter Tray

It is very similar to the rod sorter, pay attention to the holes. It is six yellow connectors wide.

Step 3: Case Pt. 1

There's not much to be said here....just follow the image notes.

Step 4: Case Pt. 2

There's not much to be said here....just follow the image notes....again. Oh sorry for the rotated pics :(

Step 5: Put It Together

The sorter tray attaches on the grey (and one red) connectors. The tray is meant to be slanted.



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    i made a combination of the connector sorter and the rod sorter. can i upload a video of it?

    1 reply

    sure! I would be happy to see it :)


    Finally!!!!!!!!!! Something useful-like the rod sorter.

    1 reply

    Haha, thanks :D

    he means its supposed to be 6 yellows

    and you didnt give me any credit for asking to make on D:<

    1 reply

    uh... 7 yellows wide...

    another epic idea! i have a new ball machine in progress btw =D

    2 replies

    Nice! You my friend just earned a subscription! :-D

    nice job! this is a fantastic addition to the rod sorter! 5*

    2 replies