Hi,This is my entry for the knex innovators contest, I worked quite hard to make this and it works very well.

You load the bullets in from the front, pull back the ammo holder, and FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice job!
Thanks =)
No problem.
so its like a hand held bazooka pistol thing?
A little bit, but its multi shot
i made it but when you add loads of ammo it fires them out in random directions so not the best gun if you want a multi shot gun with good accuracy. still good in single shot though. 2.5 stars
Thanks XD
Thanks XD
Looks great man. Nice and sturdy. I'm glad yours works well because mine sure didn't lol. Whats your secret...? XD
I think yours is more inventive with the top ammo slot and pump still
Thanks man. Again, good job on this one.
Thanks =)

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