K'nex Convertible Car





Introduction: K'nex Convertible Car

this is my K'nex convertible, I sadly cant make instructions for this becuase I demolished it but you probabably could build it from the pictures. Here is some information about it...

pro's 10                                                                                                                                        con's2

It has a roof which can be neatly folded into the back                               the roof itself could be better
it has a opening bonnet with v8 engine                                                                     no back lights!
side exuasts
stylish interior with lots of curves and dials
agustable seats
head rests
looks great
and is stronger than it looks
                                                              stats out of 5

features         ****                                4
the looks       *****                               5
durability        **                                   2

over all          ****                              4



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    you realy like making cars don't you?

    Ha ha , I love the dashboard idea. Epic lol.

    Hi , i have an idea , tace the tyres off , add a motor to the rear wheels ( grey friction motor ) and push it on a slippery surface , VIDEO it and it 'll drift , I tried a thing like it with the porche i posted and it worked untill I went too fast and head on smashed into my knex box, our citchen has a slippery floor but where I take most of my pics , but it vould make a great video and since you are a cool builder , it would be more better if you made it happen. Because you are a cool car builder and il'd like to see your version. anyway , if you have a 3ds , do you want to trade friend codes ? i do . okay check out my other instructibles and i am telling you, im planning on modding my knex rally car to have R.C monster truck suspension soon!!! it might be a few weeks but i'll be telling you when its published. okay , bye

    Thank's for the compliments :) :) +Will see your instructables now I am sure they will be amazing :) + I don't mind any wait, I take so long to do any of my instructables, and there still not that good :) I am also sorry to say that I don't have a good enough motor to do that, your ideas are cool though you should do it :) +I'm also sorry to say that I have an old DS lite but not a 3DS, Sowwy :)

    Geeze mate its okay , have you tried it yet . just lower the ride height slightly on one side ( helps it to drift). :P




    Your welcome!