Knex (crappy) Mp44





Introduction: Knex (crappy) Mp44

just finished my first knex gun, it looks very good, but it shoots bit crappy stil working on it

Step 1: The Butt

1 ) Make this
2 ) another view so you can see where u should place the blue rods and orange thingys

Step 2: Handel


Step 3: Barrel

1) start by making this (piece 1)
2 & 3 ) then make this (piece 2)
4 ) attach piece 1 to piece 2
5 ) should look like this
6, 7 & 8) make piece 3
9 ) attach piece 3 to piece 1 & 2
10 ) should look like this
11, 12 & 13 ) make piece 4 ( yes another one )
14 ) Now attach 4 to 123
15 ) should look like this
16 ) Now start making piece 5
17 ) now make this (this is a part of piece 5)
18 & 19) now attach the purple thing you just made to piece 5
20, 21 & 22 ) now add piece 5 to piece 4
24 ) attach a Y piece at the gray end
25 ) like this
26 ) there it is the barrel

Step 4: The Trigger

1) start by making this
2 ) make 3 of these
3 ) then slide em in to the first thing you mader
4 ) then close it up and Finish

Step 5: Attach All =D

There we go!
first add the butt to the barrel
then add the handel to the barrel
now add the trigger
now this one is optional, it just looks good
you just click it in

Step 6: Finish!!!

how to shoot
take a rubberband and put it over the purple thing on the front and stretch it to the trigger block it with your finger when you release your trigger it shoots.



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    why did you call it an mp44?????

    You may want to check my STG44


    doesnt look like an mp44 at all.

    no offence TheDunkis but u said urs is the best? i think mine looks better as a rbg

    11 replies

    what is it?

    come to thing about it no idear...

    come to thing about it no idear...

    good body to it but the stock and the curved mag are a bit skeletony

    dude i posted that in man ive got something alot better now

    sweet i'll check it out

    i posted THAT ages ago, now ive got some kind of huge M4-47

    didn't you read the comment it says rieben hasn't posted any instructables yet

    caz i have a life..

    how old are you becuase if you are older than 14 you must not have a life if you're still playing with knex

    can i had some? the mag is rubbish and the whole gun looks bendy

    1 reply

    OLD MODEL. thats like V2 my better one is V3 And no it is pretty stable.

    My stock isn't even my stock. This was my first posted gun and already it compares to your "best". It wasn't the most realistic but neither was yours. Your sight is too low. Yours doesn't even use the magazine. Mine actually shoots knex pieces. Mine is indeed full auto. In fact mine is selective fire. You can shoot semi or full. Yours is overall messy. If I were to redo my Stg44 (which I was planning on doing at one point) it would crush yours.

    I don't really find it any better than mine. No matter I'm making a new one which I'm hoping to capture every detail.

    1 reply

    Now mine is officialy better