Hello, today I will show you how to make a K'nex crossbow.

Step 1: K'nex Needed

to make this you need:

Step 2: Step One

look at the picture

Step 3: Step Two

look at the picture, again

Step 4: Step Three

do I really need to say it again?(look at the picture again)

Step 5: Arrows

look at the pictures

Step 6: Shooting

this thing goes far. pull the rubberband (with the arrow on it) and let go
<p>you call this a crossbow .__.</p>
Plz dont be mean <br>
Made it from first pic! THIS IS BULL get a life

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Bio: i am someone who likes paper airplanes, legos, K'nex, and origami. i play minecraft and soon will create some tutorials on the game. im ... More »
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