this is a crossbow i built a little while ago it shoots 35 or so feet and it is pretty easy to make
<p>what is its range</p>
its ok but seriously, is that handle even comfortable
ya its not the best but it isn't the worst
3*s on the gun but the handle 0*s
I'd give the handle about 1.5 stars. Worse have been made: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Gun_21/ <br>Worse in my opinion
i guess your probably right
Dashface typed out
I'll give you the link to the Knowyourmeme article later. But you can also look it up
really let me see
It's ok. Though I higly recommend you to make it five layers. You can make it more sturdy then. Also improve the bow itself. 1 grey rod isn't too strong. Also, try making the handle better, and perhaps a stock. Look around the site for some strong bows. but anyway, it seems a good start too crossbows, as way worse have been posted. <br>Keep up the work
thanks and it was my first crossbow
Ok. It's pretty good for a first one
Nice crossbow.:D

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