this is my first ever instructable so please excuse any hard to follow directions. this is my "piece conservative" crossbow. it has a range of about 30ft shot flat and 40-50ft angled. it also feqatures a new type of trigger that works really well.
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also check out my combat/tactical knife at; https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-combattactical-knife/

Step 1: Bow

make/gather two of every thing although when assembling make in reverse
pic 6 make four 
pic 10 flip to under side

Step 2: Rail

pic 1 make three
pic 2 make two
pic 3 gather nine
pic 4 assemble like this
pic 5 add the two other rails
pic 6 add these snowflake connectors
pic 7 dont forget the blue clip
pic 8 attach to bow like this
pic 9 another veiw

Step 3: Handle+trigger

Step 4: Fore Grip

i know it  is too simple please elaborate and show me your own versions
pic 1 make two

Step 5: Main Bands

do exactly as the pictures show and you should have no problems

i used two 8in bands that r broken but u can put two 6 or 8in bands together and just anchor them in the same places as shown
pic 4 it is crucial that when loading, that the band(s) r placed higher than the notch in the connector

Step 6: Your Finished

now go out and have fun

Step 7: Who Else Made It?

First picture is of the creation by Blackhawk7992. The second picture is by mrknex3000 as well as the third being his new grip. If you build it please post a picture of it and I will put it in the instructable ASAP with credit to you of course, HAPPY BUILDING!
I didn't have the jointed part for the trogger, so I used my own design.
cool crossbow:)
Nice bow I have a battle fleet I posted and a mp40 and ak74 if you want to see it please tell me on my fleet
You should enter this into the contest
<p>how does the trigger work?</p>
Nice might build check out my new guns. I love my new guns
<p>i am so making this</p>
These instructions were confusing and hard to follow, please make a better one, because I can't make it with these
Make a video!!! I really want to see it working cause I think I don't have enough parts.
I will first apologize for being untimely in my response, and then I will tell you that I may rebuild the crossbow and put up a video. I will first need to do some pretty serious posting of other instructables of various sorts.
This is sick looking........I would build it but I don't have very many yellow peices
Great Bow but I couldn't make the firing slot cuz lack of pieces, I added it onto a design I had made earlier and improved it quite a bit, thanks
cool, I'm glad you like it!
WHOA. Now, thats an impressive first instructable! true trigger and everything! :O *impressed*
thank you very much, I appreciate your positiveness. The trigger was my own idea and I hope to build more innovative things, I would like to see more of your stuff as well!
Alright robin hood. lol this is epic. totally great instructions.
Better arrow design: Connect a red connector to the end of a grey rod, looking like an arrow. Then, connect a green connector to the other end of the arrow. On the green connector's other side, connect a white rod. This makes the arrow able to stay on the &quot;runway&quot; the whole time, and still have the rubber band grab the arrow.
sorry crazy late reply, could you post a picture of what you are talking about for some reason i cant see it in my head ':/
In order: Red connector. In the middle slot, put a grey rod. Then 4-slot connector, on the end slot. Then put a white rod on the other end of the 4-slot. Sorry I don't have a camera.
Pic 3 where does the 3way connector connect to the rest of the gun?
what step?
nevermind. The trigger mech is confusing.
oh it dosnt, it is there to push the end of the arrow out from the notch of the snowflake connectors. in turn this fires the arrow.
you need to post a BOM.
a what??
bill of materials. How many of each part is needed.
i dont know, i would have to build it again to find out, and i probably wont get around to that real quickly, but yes eventually it will get put in
please make your photos clearer and explain further how to make the crossbow
please just try your hardest, i have no more pics
I was wondering if you had any other posts that are anything like this one, like a lego rifle?
i dont build lego guns only knex, sorry.
Step 1 pic 3. what is the point of these pieces? It doesn't look like they attach to anything.
spacer/strengthener/looks cool
on step 1 number 6 how do you get the grey piece onto the other piece
just line them up like it shows and push them together really hard until you hear a rather loud &quot;click&quot;
How did this get featured?
please dont nitpick at old discussions that have been settled and just read the other comments.
No! I didn't mean that's as a negative comment! It was actualy because of the pictures, I'm sorry you interpreted my comment that way!
i finshed making it today...shot my cousin
here it is
good job, how is it working for you?
just great. Can shoot just about anything.
nice you could try to make it longer if you want to get more power, my friend made it and used 12 yellow 5 slot connectors instead of 9, his shot about 65-70 feet on average. although you dont have to you could do it any way just for &quot;laughs and giggles.&quot; you could also make arrow like, well, arrows for greater accuracy along with the amped up power
On second thought theese pictures suck. Can't even tell what I'm supposed to be doin in some picture, so this won't be the first thing I've built in months.
Really because the pics are fine to me.
Not that the pictures themselves are bad, Just cant tell where or what I building.
read the descriptions under the pics of the steps they should make it more clear.
I honestly don't understand how this was featured.

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