K'nex Crossbow Pistol

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Introduction: K'nex Crossbow Pistol

This is a k'nex crossbow pistol, with a strong body, a scope, true trigger, comfortable handle. The shots depends on your rubberbands.
This is my first instructable, but i'm not going to ask you to be nice. Credit to my friend Ben, for helping me building the gun.

Step 1: Part List

Title says, the parts needed for the crossbow.

Step 2: The Arms

Title says....

Step 3: Body of the Gun

The body of the gun, follow the pictures.

Step 4: Stock/Scope Holder

...see discription...

Step 5: Scope

Look at the title...

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Look at the title!

Step 7: Ammo




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    looks awesome i want to make it and dutch r awesome

    i built this a while ago. but its still good as it was

    ya it put a hole in my wall i will try to get a pic of my wall soon it a huge hole 3by2 inch hole ya big wait it bigger anyways 5.0 nice gun

    WHERE DOES IT GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in front of the trigger, on the body...

    where does the ammo go ?

    is that not obvious

    how can i get a ton of k'nex pieces for this

    You could buy them from the K'nex store, or you could buy one of the sets in your local store. If you order them, and you want to make this, i suggest you buy some more than the pieces needed, i could have miscounted.