K'nex Desert Eagle V2 Instructions




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Introduction: K'nex Desert Eagle V2 Instructions

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

instructions to my D.Eagle V2

Step 1: Main Body: the Front Barrel


Step 2: Main Body: the Internals


Step 3: Main Body: the Handle

first add the other main plate to what you have, then build the handle

Step 4: Last Step




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    heeft ie het zelfde trekker/haan(dat ding achterop dat je meestal omlaag duwt met je duim) meganisme??

    2 replies

    Bedoel hetzelfde mechanisme als de eerste? Dan nee, bij deze gaat de haan vanzelf omhoog na het omlaag brengen

    Brony too sweet gun too love it 5*****!

    1 reply

    I only realised this today 0.o I can try, not sure though. I must break up my gun that I have now (m4-ish thing) to build it

    That could be true. I didn't change it. I'll put it in a ible with other things I didn't post. Gonna work on that now.

    Soon. I want to make the trigger easier to pull. It's positioned pretty good, but for some reason it's hard to pull.

    =D I've broken up my m4-ish model today. Now I have the stock and body of that gun built into a shooting gun. It only looks wierd. It got 30 ft with one, not tight band.

    btw limburg is also a province in belgium i live there XD

    Is is possible to make this gun still shoot, and yet only have 3 layers? Consider it a challenge!

    You can leave out the one on step 2, pic. 6

    You can leave out the trigger guard. THe outer 2 y's in the front sight can be replaced with blue rings. looking for further y's now.

    Yep. =(

    You could leave out the trigger guard...

    I don't know. Maybe, you should try. I don't have it anymore. sorry