instructions to my D.Eagle V2

Step 1: Main Body: the Front Barrel


Step 2: Main Body: the Internals


Step 3: Main Body: the Handle

first add the other main plate to what you have, then build the handle

Step 4: Last Step

<p>Nice gun does it shoot???</p>
heeft ie het zelfde trekker/haan(dat ding achterop dat je meestal omlaag duwt met je duim) meganisme??
Bedoel hetzelfde mechanisme als de eerste? Dan nee, bij deze gaat de haan vanzelf omhoog na het omlaag brengen
oh, okee
Brony too sweet gun too love it 5*****!
Thanks! =D <br>(\
Is is possible to make this gun still shoot, and yet only have 3 layers? Consider it a challenge!
nice gun
Does this set use any Y pieces?
You can leave out the one on step 2, pic. 6
You can leave out the trigger guard. THe outer 2 y's in the front sight can be replaced with blue rings. looking for further y's now.
Yep. =( <br /> <br />You could leave out the trigger guard...
i dont have bendy whites can i just use whites? <br />
I don't know. Maybe, you should try. I don't have it anymore. sorry
thx bro these are a lot better than before
Thanks, and no problem
Looks cool=) 5*

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