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Introduction: Knex Double Barrel Break Action Shotgun

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Hey guys!

I finally touched Knex after weeks of inactivity. Because I was in the middle of a vacation I had the time and Battlefield 3 bored me for a second.

So, here it is: An amazing double barrel break action shotgun!

This massive shotgun features a pin guide, customizable spreading ammo, dual triggers, dual ram rod, dual barrel, sturdy stock, sturdy design, yellow rod thick(!), awesome range and iron sights.

Credit goes to Seleziona for the stock, trigger and firing mechanism. They are from his Ghost 3.0. I modded them to fit my gun.

The gun is extremely easy to disassemble, you will see it in the pictures. The triggers can be pulled individually or connected. You can mod it to fit your own preferences, like handle guard, vertical foregrip, longer barrel etc.

I hope you guys like it and I hope you won't think: Another not-innovative gun, because I did my best at this to make it as innovative as possible. I know it can be more innovative (horizontal mag, new firing/loading mechanism) but It's made for fun after all, not to be mind-blowingly innovative.

So it's just a fun gun, not recommended to use as a war gun. You can use it as a primary weapon in a small (house) war, because that's extremely fun. Not in a big, open-field war. This gun is made to be huge and scary, not mind-blowingly innovative like I said.

UPDATE: I have posted pics of the internal mechanism around some parts.

Greetings, H1T4TCH1



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    Het duurt nog wel een tijd voor 'ie online komt. Probeer 'm te bouwen van de foto's die je nu hebt?

    Is het nog gelukt? =)

    :'D Ik ben de 'Ible aan het maken ;)


    Haha nu nog :p Ik ben nu wel met andere dingen bezig dus ik weet niet of ik hem nog ga bouwen :s

    Ja nu nog! Hij wordt echt episch.

    op de foto's is niet te zien hoe het mechanisme van de trigger werkt
    heb je daarvan nog meer details?
    gr, Jitsie

    Goed nieuws ik heb met m'n telefoon wat foto's gemaakt van het mechanisme. Zal ze proberen te posten.