Knex Double Barrel Rifle With 8 Shot 16 Bullet Mag





Introduction: Knex Double Barrel Rifle With 8 Shot 16 Bullet Mag

This is my Knex double barrel rifle. I came up with this gun while building Blue Mullets double barrel so give him some credit. It's pretty powerful, has an 8 shot magazine and bullet pusher thing in the mag even's out the stress so it doesn't jam very often but it WILL jam every once in awhile.

One trigger. P.S. I like one trigger for both barrel's. Easy mod.
Firing pin is easy to pull back if you do the rubberbands like I do.
Pretty easy to build.
Very sturdy.
No modded pieces.

Kinda a piece hogger.
Sometimes jams.
Stock is sturdy but kinda bland.

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Step 1: The Body, Trigger, Mag, and Putting Ti All Together.

I put everything in one step because I thought it would be easier that way. If anyone needs anything like more pics just ask and I'll see what I can do.



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    would be cool if it had shell ejecting I like how guns have a shell ejection part to them

    I agree with beanieostrich

    Ok, if you don't like it you don't have to build it or look at it. I haven't been building with knex that long.

    I didn't say I didn't like it I said it looked allright but that some places need some work. like beanieostrich said

    Thank's, The idea came from your double barrel break action gun, you can't really tell though. I think it would be a good gun to mod.

    Thanks! Do you know of any users that have a good ball machine guide?

    The gun looks alright, but the stock itself and handle need the most improving upon. But I do like that it shoots 2 shots per pin pull.