K'nex Famas





Introduction: K'nex Famas

FULL AUTO Famas made it easy just for you.

My version of the full auto trigger system.

Quite simple;
If you want semi-automatic; load, shoot, load, shoot........

iif you want full-automatic;
Load 8 lastic bands at once, shoot.......
estimated fire rate: 8 bullets per second.

Step 1: Body

Look at the pic. CLOSELy.
You may miss a spot....

Step 2: Barrel

Step 3: Stock

Step 4: Handle

Handle with hand guard

Step 5: Iron Sights

Step 6: Mag.

Step 7: Sliding Part

Step 8: Mechanizm

Step 9: Loading

Best part of this gun; u can load MORE than just 1 lastic and use it FULL AUTO!!

Step 10: Yippie Kay-yay

U get thy idea



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Very nice! This looks great.