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About: i love knexing and hobbies are gas powered rc cars

This is my entry it shot 55 feet with exellent acuracy and it had an internal mag pusher but sadly it was dropped and then went into surgery it didnt go so well so pic two happened



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    It doesn't shoots 55 feet... Look. The trigger is damn infront of the system. There's a lot of barrel for the shot to travel through to get out of the gun. And looking at it, it doesn't even have a far pull back. It wouldn't shoot over 35, I'd say.

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    Ram behind the trigger works VERY well in knex guns, VERY efficient. the gun goes like this: FRONT-TRIGGER-BULLET-RAM-BACK the ram has LOTS of room to to push the bullet.

    Do you know what a FAMAS is genius?

    Seriously, who do you think knows more? You, or The Mighty Zak?

    Obvious answer.

    The newer verion did until i destroied it. It had less barrel and a trigger behind the mag

    'Version' and 'Destroyed' I think you'll find.

    No, it doesn't. The pin needs room to accelerate fast before hitting the projectile. With this, its pushed right against it. This is also why when you fire a simple single shot, you don't push the ammo by the trigger, but near to where the pin comes to a stop. To get the full momentum.

    Yeah, after all Force = Momentum/Time thus the smaller the time the greater the force and so a greater range an muzzle velocity.

    Where did you get that equation?

    Basic math/physics.

    Ah, ok, I'm 2 years off for that.

    Yup it is derived from:             Force = Mass x Acceleration

    and because  Acceleration is:  Velocity (Distance/Time) / Time
    it means that

    Force=Mass x Velocity (Momentum)

    Yup. When I built Ipod Killer's sniper I only got 10 feet tops because it used this system.

    Think a little bit more. The pin striking the bullet is MUCH less efficient. Lots of energy is wasted while the ram speeds up. Sure the ram is going much faster by the time it hits the bullet, but sudden dissipation of the energy is less efficient than a longer contact with the bullet. Even if your suggestion is more efficient, there is no way its so much more efficient that it matters what order you put them in. Also "bullet behind the trigger" setups are more accurate than a ram suddenly hitting a bullet and sending it tumbling. In light of "There's a lot of barrel for the shot to travel through to get out of the gun." The majority of knex guns have fake barrels that do not effect the bullet in any way.

    Go build a TDS and a kkc, and see which one shoots further.

    The TDS didn't go that far for me, only about 15 feet.

    That's what he means.

    I'm just supporting Raz's argument.