Picture of Knex famas contest entry
This is my entry it shot 55 feet with exellent acuracy and it had an internal mag pusher but sadly it was dropped and then went into surgery it didnt go so well so pic two happened
Knarez6 years ago
It doesn't shoots 55 feet... Look. The trigger is damn infront of the system. There's a lot of barrel for the shot to travel through to get out of the gun. And looking at it, it doesn't even have a far pull back. It wouldn't shoot over 35, I'd say.
ashchetm Knarez5 years ago
Ram behind the trigger works VERY well in knex guns, VERY efficient. the gun goes like this: FRONT-TRIGGER-BULLET-RAM-BACK the ram has LOTS of room to to push the bullet.
~Meme~ ashchetm3 years ago
Do you know what a FAMAS is genius?
Seriously, who do you think knows more? You, or The Mighty Zak?

Obvious answer.
silentassasin21 (author)  Hiyadudez5 years ago
The newer verion did until i destroied it. It had less barrel and a trigger behind the mag
'Version' and 'Destroyed' I think you'll find.
Knarez ashchetm5 years ago
No, it doesn't. The pin needs room to accelerate fast before hitting the projectile. With this, its pushed right against it. This is also why when you fire a simple single shot, you don't push the ammo by the trigger, but near to where the pin comes to a stop. To get the full momentum.
Yeah, after all Force = Momentum/Time thus the smaller the time the greater the force and so a greater range an muzzle velocity.
Where did you get that equation?
Basic math/physics.
Ah, ok, I'm 2 years off for that.
Yup it is derived from:             Force = Mass x Acceleration

and because  Acceleration is:  Velocity (Distance/Time) / Time
it means that

Force=Mass x Velocity (Momentum)
Yup. When I built Ipod Killer's sniper I only got 10 feet tops because it used this system.
ashchetm Knarez5 years ago
Think a little bit more. The pin striking the bullet is MUCH less efficient. Lots of energy is wasted while the ram speeds up. Sure the ram is going much faster by the time it hits the bullet, but sudden dissipation of the energy is less efficient than a longer contact with the bullet. Even if your suggestion is more efficient, there is no way its so much more efficient that it matters what order you put them in. Also "bullet behind the trigger" setups are more accurate than a ram suddenly hitting a bullet and sending it tumbling. In light of "There's a lot of barrel for the shot to travel through to get out of the gun." The majority of knex guns have fake barrels that do not effect the bullet in any way.
Go build a TDS and a kkc, and see which one shoots further.
The TDS didn't go that far for me, only about 15 feet.
That's what he means.
I'm just supporting Raz's argument.
And I was supporting yours, lol.

When I read your comment about the TDS, I was unsure what you meant, but assumed you meant the KKC shoots much further, so my comment is to inform those that you are agreeing with Raz.
Ohhh ok.
but that takes effort. I'm not going to go as far as that to prove something. I just don't have time.
If you went to a proper school you'd realise how silly your comment is.
Notice the "be nice" policy. I do go to a proper school, and thats why I don't watn to put effort into it, I am having to stay kept up with school so I cant put time and effort into knex guns. Realy think before you post.
Do you know the laws of physics? The ram hitting the bullet at the end of the pin strike will give maximum range. You should of learned that when you were 6. Really, think before you post. P.S I was being nice.
Which law of physics would that be? Btw when I was six, I was learning what 3x4 was, most schools don't teach the laws of physics until 6'th grade. PS: Maybe they don't teach manners in proper schools, or what ever the hell a proper school is. I'm done talking with you. You don't think before you post, you just blurt out whats on your mind. People have excuses for that sort of thing when talking, because the instant you think of a reply, you say it, but when typing, some people go back and re-read to see if they made sence, or were offensive. If I said that you didn't go to a proper school, would you be upset? Lol, my "PS:" Was bigger than my post.
Go google them. In response to your "P.S" saying you were done talking to me, if you were done talking to me, why start your reply with a question? It doesn't look rhetorical.
Kinetic Knarez5 years ago
But by what I can see, the firing pin is contained in sort of a rail and not a barrel formed by the center of connectors, so he has complete control over how far the pin can move forward, which can allow the ammo to move forward at high velocities as well, since it is accelerating at the same speed as the firing pin. Also, no need to swear about the trigger when it is almost right in front of the mag, not at the front-it reaches back. This is a good system because it separates the bullet being fired from the other bullets, decreasing friction.
Yay! One person agrees with me!
Bartboy Knarez6 years ago
Duh... Silentassasin always overestimates....
silentassasin21 (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
what do you know
Math?.... Distance?....
Or shoots at a 45 degree angle.
Yup, or shoots jammy style.
Looking back, Jammy was the one who created the "Overexaggerated ranges" stereotype.
Where did that happen?
The argument between Jammy and Zak.
Don't know what one you're talking about...
But shooting Jammy style is getting fired out of a cannon and shooting the gun when you're in the air.. :P
That wouldn't get similar results.  I think its just inserting the gun into the cannon and firing it 90 feet.
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
You don't know how many rubberbands it has.
Knarez DJ Radio6 years ago
Doesn't matter.
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
Oh and btw, how can you tell all that for just one picture? You don't know if there is an internal mech that puts the trigger behind the mag well. The barrel could be fake, and that pin could go back farther than you think...
Nevermind, I just took a zoom in of the image, and you were right about the trigger and barrel. I think the pin goes back farther than you think though.
Knarez DJ Radio6 years ago
Doesn't matter, trigger is in front.
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
I already said you were right about the trigger....
Knarez DJ Radio6 years ago
Ergo, doesn't shoot 55 feet.
You can still get good range with the trigger in front. Let's say you are shooting green rods, you are hardly wasting any room in the back.
I doubt green rods would ever shoot 55 feet from the Rectangle, not enough mass.
I shot green rods 30 feet with 2 weak bands from a pistol. I am sure that it can get at least 60 feet from a rectangle with 3 or 4 #64's. Green rods are lightweight and are not as affected by gravity or air resistance as other ammo types.
I know, but you can still get good range. Thats all I was saying.
Uh, no. Trigger in front of ammo = sucks.
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
It could if you put enough bands on.
Knarez DJ Radio6 years ago
If you had god pin, maybe. But not in this case.
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
what do you mean by "God pin"?
it was a typo...
I know him well enough to know it wasn't a typo.
so you're saying that Zak is perfect, and cannot make a mistake.
I'm not perfect... But that wasn't a typo. By god pin, I meant one so heavenly that you could throw it into hell and it would come out fine.
DJ Radio Knarez5 years ago
That's what I thought.
silentassasin21 (author)  knexfan91825 years ago
no im saying that he is overly confident and when he says something HIS opinion wont budge
silentassasin21 (author)  knexfan91826 years ago
Zak is to smart for his own good and he wouldnt make a typo
DJ Radio Knarez6 years ago
More rubberbands=more power.
55 feet is believable to me, I would save your judgement for after you have built it.
silentassasin21 (author)  Knarez6 years ago
have you built it no so yeah um what do you know
I built the gun it is really nice although it definitely dosen't shoot 55 feet, if u could post a pic of the mag, although I know what it is just to be sure here is a picture of my version, I am still working on getting it to fire. At the moment it only shoots a max of six feet.
PICS 041.jpgPICS 042.jpg
silentassasin21 (author)  bruce9115 years ago
You built the whole thing correctly but there are certian parts in the chamber which you may or may not have have um ill be rebuilding it and posting so just wait! it will be done in the next two days i can asure you
not posted...
silentassasin21 (author)  smilee5 years ago
ill get to it when i get to it i still have to make it and mod it i have a life other than knexing you know like other than doing this i have school athletics after school and a girlfriend
meaning im modding it
Sweet, i'll be looking for it .
Make a video and prove him wrong. I can't go that far without your help.
hey you know under forums zkar vs ar4 is posted right?
silentassasin21 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
um you see the second pic right
damnit, I forgot.
silentassasin21 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
yeah heh i might make a new entry so i dont get any more crap but ill likely stick to this because i heard originality gets you big points
This is what THINKING is for. Anyone can see that that isn't shooting over 30 ft, I think he was being generous with 35.
ggod gun it looks pretty cool
An Villain4 years ago
First Picture: Awesome. Second Picture: WTF?
Pretty cool =D
poserboy1234 years ago
post instructions on it
An Villain4 years ago
I would build this if you posted it.
Brammetje5 years ago
I also publisht a famas. Here are some pics of the gun.
DrWeird1175 years ago
Beautiful! Much better than past entries.
TigerNod5 years ago
Not a bad try. 3.0 stars.
silentassasin21 (author)  TigerNod5 years ago
what do you mean try it came out perfect and 3*s seems a little low dont you think?
Since this looks nothing like a famas, it seems a little high.
Why judge by what the gun is named?
Because judging by the name, you'd think it was a replica.

Also there is no way this gun can shoot 55 feet. I don't need to build it, I know that it cannot reach that distance.

Honesty is prefferred to performance I s'pose.
He should post a picture of a real famas for comparison. Put enough bands on and it will get there.
Yes, he should. Enough for 55 feet, with this setup? The pin would explode and it would be very difficult to pull back, for the average person, possibly even for those with a larger build.
I was gonna make a FAMAS with the blocker behind the mag because youngcookieboy on youtube has the same trigger setup.
Allright then, 3.5 for the replaceble mag and sloped handle, I know how hard these parts are. A little more detail would help, maybe you could add a scope or something. Or improve the front grip and the optics rail.
can you post a pic of what the top of the mag looked like?
J Moneyman5 years ago
lol. looks awesome though!
spyglass6 years ago
from seeing picture two i guess asking for a post of it is not worth pixels to the page? if so looks like my hunt for a working famas goes on...........great >_<
silentassasin21 (author)  spyglass5 years ago
nope i remaking it and POSTING
honestly good on ya i can end this hopless quest for one its been a treck. For once a great gun actually to be posted unlike that MP5.......ahwell fammas is better
silentassasin21 (author)  spyglass5 years ago
I might not post it now what are saying about my mp5
jk but seriously dont insult my guns ever
what? im not talking bout yours i ment red drums mp5 not yours cause yours is finished and posted
Not to be annoying, but post?
no it was destroyed a month or so ago
ok so i was talked into it i remaking modding and POSTING
jr34955 years ago
I think it looks more like a Tar-21 if you change the top part to the scope that the Tar has on it. Just my opinion.
travw6 years ago
You should give SK some credit for the trigger.
silentassasin21 (author)  travw6 years ago
why he didnt do sh*t
Your trigger is very similar to the one on his FMG
The idea is mine, however it isn't an exact copy so I'll let it slide.
Skreetsha6 years ago
A rear load mag?! AWESOME!
silentassasin21 (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
yes it works
~KGB~6 years ago
cool gun! 5
i hate it when that happens! lol
what were you going to make a famas
no but when i make a gun and it needs internal mods it ends up looking like the 2nd pic
well i dropped it ina war