Now take off all the plastic  from your flash drive and side it in to you're k'nex case and if the flash drive is a bit move o bowl  hot glue it in. Now your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better than the first but still, your just gluing pieces on
what ever!!!
Again, you're just gluing parts onto a USB drive.
Not really!!!!!!!!!
lol I made a case for it then put the flash drive in it!!!!!!!!!
i like your idea for this i think its cool i mean i wouldnt of thought of this (although i have neither knex or extra usbs) but its still just gluing knex on a usb (but there slightly modded knex)
Yay yay!
These are getting old...
nice! wouldnt gluing it cause damage or somtin?
No I do not think so.
yeah agreeing with DJ you've just stuck some bits on
Just gluing a few knex parts to a flash drive isn't really that impressive. &nbsp;Now if you modded the parts and made a case out of them like Jollex did, that would be better.<br />
I can make a more &nbsp;impressive k'nex flash drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still do not see you building a better flash drive!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, then show us.&nbsp;&nbsp;What does you not seeing me building a better flash drive have to do with this?&nbsp; <br />

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