Now take off all the plastic  from your flash drive and side it in to you're k'nex case and if the flash drive is a bit move o bowl  hot glue it in. Now your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
? I placed no hint of sexism in that comment. Or have I actually found somebody that doesn't understand 'That's what she said!' Wow.... And by the way...
well no I do not understand what she said! what does it mean?
Go buy yourself an English humour dictionary. And a grammar dictionary, too. How old are you? (Want to gauge something... Tell you later...)
Y do you want do know how old I'm?
to know if you old enough to be informed of what thats what she said is
If told him I would pm him not post it out loud!
No you didn't say you would PM me! I want to know if you learned English as another language or if you are just not beneficially illiterate.
sorry I met to say if I would tell him I would pm him. I just speak English I'm not a good speller.
Spelling has nothing to do with this! (Well, rather it does, but isn't the primary point.) It's Grammar.
OK I must not have good grammar.
How old are you?
Y do you want to know?
That joke is not for young people, lets say, under 12 or 13.
I'm one of those 12 or 13!
I'll pm you the joke, because it is not appropriate for a comment.
Better than the first but still, your just gluing pieces on
what ever!!!
Again, you're just gluing parts onto a USB drive.
Not really!!!!!!!!!
lol I made a case for it then put the flash drive in it!!!!!!!!!
i like your idea for this i think its cool i mean i wouldnt of thought of this (although i have neither knex or extra usbs) but its still just gluing knex on a usb (but there slightly modded knex)
Yay yay!
These are getting old...
nice! wouldnt gluing it cause damage or somtin?
No I do not think so.
yeah agreeing with DJ you've just stuck some bits on
Just gluing a few knex parts to a flash drive isn't really that impressive. &nbsp;Now if you modded the parts and made a case out of them like Jollex did, that would be better.<br />
I can make a more &nbsp;impressive k'nex flash drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still do not see you building a better flash drive!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, then show us.&nbsp;&nbsp;What does you not seeing me building a better flash drive have to do with this?&nbsp; <br />

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