Knex Fokker Dr 1 (knex Plane)





Introduction: Knex Fokker Dr 1 (knex Plane)

This i my Fokker dr1
It's a easy build. Doesn't need much knex.

I also made a Spitfire. Just look it up. Ow and it's rather big.

Step 1: Langing Gear

just make it

Step 2: Just Make a Nice Pice of the Front

just make it

Step 3: Put Some Together and the Chair


Step 4: The Back

just make it lool.....

Step 5: Put Sometings Together

you just have to click the back to the front and insured the chait

Step 6: The Left Wings

just make them we will fit them later

Step 7: Right Wings

just make it

Step 8: Just One Little Pice to Go and Put Together

hu the last pice



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    well then you should see my spitfire

    and thx

    should i post my ah-6 little bird

    i made a ferris wheel with my freind and we ended up doing it now im building and airplasne

    The sumeri sword is called a brokken.

    Didn't Manifred Von Richtofen (I think that is how you spell it.) AKA The Red Baron fly one of these in WW1

    if i say it may self the flaps could have bin better

    how did you build that

    If you mean the Spitfire. Well i am quite suprized to how it worked out. And beleave me it's even cooler for real.