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Introduction: Knex Fold-up Target Range

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This is probably one of the most useful Knex things I've made to date! It's a target range that can be reset by pulling on the two resetting handles simultaneously. There are three target sizes: large (red target), standard (blue target), small (white target). It's pretty solid and sturdy, can be easily expanded with more targets (as the targets all use the same bases but just different size targets) but if you are going to expand, then also realise that the reset frame (the bit at the back that pulls the targets back up again) must be extended as well. Without further adue, pros and cons...

-Different size targets (for different power of guns or different accuracy)
-Solid design
-Easy to reset
-Sturdy yet compact!

-Large target takes a bit more force to knock down
-When large target is knocked down, it sometimes knocks other targets as well...





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    i like the design, but i don't deem it very useful. if you already need to get up to the target to reset it, i think you could just as easily make normal targets and pick them up easily. if you want, i'll post a pic of my target that i always use. it's strong as hell, and it's very durable to powerful guns. also, it has a stand on it.

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    by the way, how do you explain having a 1.5 month old account with 11 'ibles?! do you play with your knex all day long?

    no...i think my account is really mucked up, my account's about 1 year old??

    ughh... no. your account was created on nov 8th, and i made that comment on dec 24th. do the math. about 1.5 months old. now it's 4 months old.

    thats why I said my account is mucked up, the dates are wrong... :/

    I always use an blue 3d con with purple/gray 3d with an white rod +white/blue con on top. Very easy, effective, low on parts and able to be made a lot

    check out my channel, there is already an ible for a more compact version of this :)

    Nice, if you put some Instructions up I would totally build.

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    cool! Expect them soonish as I think I should make pistol instructions first, then target or the other way round. what do you think?