K'nex Folding Knife





Introduction: K'nex Folding Knife

A folding k'nex knife based off of my k'nex tanto knife.

Step 1: Blade

fairly simple, build and set aside

Step 2: Handle

Step 3: Connect

connect the blade and handle and you are finished, enjoy!




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    would be awesome as hidden blade
    flip open and raise hell

    its actually not called a switchblade seeing as it has no switch nor automatic opening system. if anything it would be a super-sized pocket knife. so, close, but not quite.

    its actually a lock knife, as it is a large folding knife that locks out

    I would think it as a manual spring assist

    I know what it is: A knife made outta Knex.

    Knife argument! (I was going to say Knife fight but then nobody would've liked me)

    id say knife fight would have been better


    -Your Future Master

    instructions for what, specifically?

    THE ENTIRE @#$%&*@#$ING THING!!!!

    -Your Future Master

    do you have any ideas on how to put rubber bands on the knife so it pop out faster

    2 replies

    indeed i do hav a solution for tht. ill edit it so u can see where to make the changes =:^b

    Nice im about 2 make it had to make a acount just to see the picture- they go mega blurry if u zoom in to much

    i have a (fairly minor) problem. i made the basic version, but the point where the blade connects to the handle (the rotating rod that has the 90 degree connector on it) keeps detaching from the connector... would that be because of the pieces used (i used ALL metallic pieces...but i don't think that makes a difference, does it?)

    1 reply

    it shouldnt make a difference with the metallic pieces. i had some problems too with the three point connector; change it to one of the four point connectors, it has more resistance to disconnecting.

    I guess it is pretty cool