You wind up the grenade clock wise throw tit into the air and take cover!!

Step 1: Needed

you will need all of this to build the frag grenade

Step 2: Step Two

Take two blue conectors and put them together

Step 3: Step Three

Now you need a manaul motor and a red rod

Step 4: Step Four

now take two yellow rods and two special conecters and add them to gether

Step 5: Step Five

now ad a red conecter for a grip

Step 6: Step Six

Now add all remaining orange conecters to the blue ball-like conecter
best knex invention ever<br>
great idea but i couldnt get it to work. The rod spins inside the frag
? The rod spins the 3D connector, and the pieces fly off!!! What doesn't work with it?
&nbsp;the rod doesnt spin the 3d conn on mine. it just turns really fast and the 3d conn doesnt spin.
hmmmm, i don't know, to answer your problem....
I do believe you spelled 'actually' wrong in your title, people love professionalism!
Wow i love this thing it would really startell you oponent if u are having a knex war which i reccomend there very fun
how did u get the motor?
Most grenades on this site work, but none of them have a good idea like this one.
post a vid of it exploding! plzzzz
it doesnt explode it just throws very many of those orange connectors one by one in the air kinda boring in my opinion
This thing is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's the thing that looks like a motor?
it's a wind up motor that comes in certain sets or tubs. you can get them at toys-r-us or any other place that sells k'nex.
thisis cool.... ROCK ON MAKER! :d
You mango man! Whats up? DIgy dog?<strong>:</strong><br/>
bradleyJOHN!! you have to wind the grip clock wise untill it makes a tikking sound, throw it into the air and then get OUT OF THE WAY QUIKLY!!!
as I always say "try carrying this around with you"
how does it work?
its a good idea
I think that most knex gernades on this site workes but iu like how its not a bunch of connectors

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