This instructable is going to be on how to build an awesome knex grenade with a pin that i take no credit for. My friend built this a few years ago when i wasn't a member on this. When i told him i was making this he asked me to give him some credit for it. Picture of the grenade below.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
-6 yellow connectors
-12 red connectors
-2 single connectors
-1 gray bead
-2 snowflake connectors
-a Y clip
-and 3 elastics (you can add more if you want)
<p>1-10, I rate 5</p>
<p>You grenade is pretty good!</p>
plz rate
1-10 i rate 6
this only shatters
looks like copy of mine Kne'x grenade -.- tip : BE CREATIVE DONT COPY
LOL auto load, FAIL.<br>
You're pretty fail you know that? My grenade was posted bofore yours so you copied off me or The knexpert.
check out my other grenade instructions and comment plz
I used your pin design (and gave credit) in my instructable.&nbsp; Maybe you should check it out!<br />
Looks like a copy.
it isn't
I would say this is an exact copy of <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Ultimate_Knex_Grenade_With_Pin/">this</a> grenade by The Knexpert<br/>
hmmm odd. my friend told me how to make this a while ago. maybe he got it off knexpert
Could be. But until you get this figured out you should give Knexpert credit.
okay i take all credit off my friend and give it to knexpert. ty for telling me my friend copied sum1
No problem.

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