Knex Grenade W/ Safety Pin





Introduction: Knex Grenade W/ Safety Pin

learn how to build an easy, but VERY effective knex grenade.

Step 1: Pieces You Need

16 purple (srapanel)
2 orange
2 rubber bands
1 red rod
1 green
1 white

Step 2: Safety Pin

make the safety pin

Step 3: Shrapanel

fill it up in order: orange, all purple, orange
this is the shrapanel.

Step 4: Adding the Rubber Bands

Put on the rubber bands carefully.

Step 5: How to Use

To use it, put out the safety pin carefully and throw.
The splash damage is huge!!

Step 6: Spash Damage

plz note that this was only dropped and not thrown



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    throw it wile holding on the pin(just be careful)

     Nice nade, dude I throwed it to the garden and i can;t find half of the shells back 5* 

    This is SO COOL! 5*! Now, can you make a gun that can shoot it?

    i had a cool idea of this but im too lazy too build it :P

    i wish, but im not a super fan of knex and i only have 1 set, nice idea though.

    I did, it goes about 20 feet, then blows up. *hint: just shoot it out of an open-barrel sniper (keep the red rod in, but take the connectors off)

    now make an instructable for it!!!!!

    this is the first grenade i yhave ever built that actually workeed. but it ended up exploding in my hand. OW!