Knex Grenade With Firing Pin





Introduction: Knex Grenade With Firing Pin

About: Hey there! I am here to make k'nex weapons that are innovative, different, and fun! Next on my list to make: a semi-auto gun with a fully internal mag pusher and piston. Wish me luck!

A simple yet effective grenade. It has a "door" in front, a hatch for putting ammo in (on the back), and a pin that is locked in place. This grenade is also very small and easy to build (perfect for beginners).

Step 1: Required Pieces

To make this grenade, you need:

white: 3
Blue: 2
Yellow: 4

Grey, 1 slot: 3
Yellow, 5 slots: 6
White, 8 slots: 3

Black "Y" connector: 2
Black socket connector: 1
Tan connector: 2
Grey spacer: 1

Step 2: Building the Body

Yeah... pretty self-explanatory.

Step 3: Building the Door

Again... easy peasy.

Step 4: Building the Pin and Hinge

Yeah... easy.

Step 5: Building the Hatch

>_> need any more explanation?

Step 6: Putting It Together

Attach like so. The bottom of the door (the side without the gray connector) should just rest into the y connector on the body. When the door is in place, push the pin through until it clicks into the socket connector. (images 2 and 3 are different angles.)

Step 7: Loading the Grenade

You are finished! To load the grenade, push up the blue part of the door, insert green rods, and close the hatch. When you are ready to throw it, hold the grenade vertically in your right hand with the door facing away from you. Next, pull the pin slightly towards you, and then out. This will release the door. Finally, chuck it at your target. Have fun!



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    coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllll! im about to build

    i just love knex grenades!

    in a way, it acts like a real grenade

    nice. i made a wicked grenade that looks like that but is totally different. i tryed to post my grenade but my camera is acting stupid. i was supose to post it about 2 monthes ago

    i find this grenade vrey good because it dosen't use rubber band and its easy to make but the radius is low . i still give it 5 stars

    nice grenade... tho the instructable could use some help

    just made it... i'm now gonna test it ;)......................... yeah it's ok, the radius is not great, but i like it ;) 5*

    very nice grenade best grenade that i  also
    made i made 2

    very nice,i made 4

    my new faviourite grenade before it was iac's wart bomb (it exploded really well but used a ton a pieces 4 a grenade) 5* and faved

    6 replies


    IAC's Wart bomb..................

    It's WAR bomb not WART bomb.

    O LOL I DIDN'TREALISE! lol thx!


    How does this explode? Rubberbands? Or does it just fall apart?

    Please help!

    the most realistic grenade on this site, spoon, pin, and shrapnel 5*!

    2 replies

    Yes it is a fantastic knex grenade, but no it does not have spoon but if you read my comment below you will see that i have made one with a spoon which flings off and when this happens it explodes (usually in mid air which is cool because you don't have to throw it at the horund)

    the "door" is the spoon.