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Introduction: Knex Guitar Hero, Guitar

This is a knex guitar that I made for guitar hero. Its not the best looking but it plays well. I actually made this a few months ago but I thought I was gona upgrade it and I never did so this is it. The wammy bar actually broke off the wires so thats why its not on the guitar.



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OMFG this is so cool going to subscribe BECAUSE I CAN!!!

I would love to see somebody FC Sudden Death on GH6 with this thing.

did you like break your guitar to make this?

I just took it apart and stuck the electronics in this. LOL the whammy bar fell off though. I should probably get that fixed.

i think i should do the same!

COOL!!! Does it really work?? it looked like you had some Computer Chips inside!!

Yeah it does, LOL Its still built and is in my room.

welcome :D

I've allready seen your bass before and I think I rated it 5*. Keep in mind that most people feel that if you post a link on their stuff, They consider it spam and will rate it 0.5*. I don't do that, but others would.