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Hey there.
New gun. Has a very long pin pull, and with the update, a lot more reliable than it used to. The old gun was very unreliable, and didn't shoot more often than it did. Though with the new front barrel, and rod ammo instead of connector, it shoots pretty decent
Let's go to the pro's and cons:
+ Blocks the pin back pretty far
+ Comfortable
+ Nice sights (credtis to The Dunkis)

The front assemble on the old version is from The Dunkis. I kept his iron sights and the charging handle part on the newer version. So credits for those part go to TD

Video of the old version



Dreamwave (author)2015-06-30

bizon anyone?

JonathanTD (author)2013-06-02

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a PP-19 Submachine gun?

dr. richtofen (author)JonathanTD2013-06-03

Hmm, I can see how you get that idea

16lundgcodm (author)2013-05-21

Nice video, looks like ATTACK OF THE ANGRY NERD!!

Thanks, I guess

didexo (author)2013-05-15

Dat grip......

didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-16

Yes, I did thanks :d

dr. richtofen (author)didexo2013-05-16

Np, I guess

didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-17


dr. richtofen (author)didexo2013-05-17


didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-18


knex dude 2000 (author)2013-05-16

i love the sights and your room!!! lol

Thanks, though the sights are made by The Dunkis

XD, I just watch the video, and it looks like somebody has anger management issues...XD

As you can see, I was really pissed off at the performance of the old version

XD, yeah, no problem.

Not bad. I like the way it looks, although I think you should have gone with a bigger mag. Good job.

Thanks. A bigger mag would indeed be nice, but also a bit more unreliable (escpecially if I make them, they most endly end up trying to shoot 2 rods instead of one, and jam the gun)

No problem. That is true enough, although, if you did not use rods as ammo, that would not be a problem...

True. But with this gun, and the one shot mags, rods work better than connector ammo. I'm not sure why, but the connectors would always jam against the front magwell wall

Ah, I see. Well, no problem.

TheDunkis (author)2013-05-12

Seems like you took the entire top receiver and front assemble design from my one gun, not just the sight. But interesting design. I actually had a more traditional designed assault rifle with a wire stock with the same design but I didn't like how it looked compared to my later bullpup version. This is an interesting gun and shows promise if you could somehow get a magazine working again.

dr. richtofen (author)TheDunkis2013-05-13

Yeah, the old version indeed has that entire front assemble of yours, I'll add it in the credits, sorry for forgetting that.
I'll try a larger magazine, using rod ammo later today. Though I'm not sure how that'll work out, as I'm not very good with magazines

Johnhall14 (author)2013-05-12

Ya,I assumed that =p thanks. Do you have any ideas why there is this annoying recaptcha thing were I to type the two words,because of it I cant reply.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall142013-05-13

I don't know why there's that recaptcha. I've heard from more people that they got it, but I never did, so I can't really help with that, sorry :/
Maybe you can report it to the staff

hawk45 (author)2013-05-12

i like it but the stock needs some work :\ but other than that I think it's a grate gun :)


dr. richtofen (author)hawk452013-05-12

Thanks. The stock indeed could use a lot of work, though my yellow connectors (which are highly needed in that part) are all used in the gun itself :(

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-05-12


Thanks :D

Thanks :D

dr. richtofen (author)2013-05-11

I know, but I always fail in attaching those :/

didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-11

Yea there are a hard part of building guns :(

dr. richtofen (author)didexo2013-05-12

Indeed :(

didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-12


The second rod to the gun, I mean

Johnhall14 (author)2013-05-11

Some how that front grip looks like something I've seen before =P Its too bad you ran out of pieces. =D For some reason I cant use the reply button.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall142013-05-12

Hehe, it was inspired by your frontgrip. I'll add it in the credits

Johnhall14 (author)2013-05-11

Neat =D Not a big fan of the stock but I guess it works.

dr. richtofen (author)Johnhall142013-05-11

Yeah, I ran out of pieces on the stock, so that's why it's hollow.
Thanks though:D It shoots a lot better now, with the new front barrel :D

DjJosh98 (author)2013-05-11

The design is really cool. Good job:)

dr. richtofen (author)DjJosh982013-05-11

Thanks =D

didexo (author)2013-05-10

I wouldn't have the pin out that far. If you have the rubber bands a certain way the pin can bend and snap. I would put on a pin guide.

dr. richtofen (author)didexo2013-05-11

Yeah, I think a pin guide would be nice. But I always fail at making those, so now I just have the pin resting on the stock.

didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-11

Oh I try for most of my gun try have them

didexo (author)didexo2013-05-11


dr. richtofen (author)didexo2013-05-11

I understand. I should look at some pin guides to learn the ideas of attaching them

didexo (author)dr. richtofen2013-05-11

Sure you usually just have a second rod that the pin attaches to.

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