A bolt action POG.
-Easy to use
-Has a magazine
-Bolt-action makes it look cool when reloading
-Doesn't need rubber bands, so reloading requires less effort than other guns.
-A bit small, may not be fit for large hands.
-Less range than a rubber band powered gun.
Suggested use: Secondary weapon.
Note: mirror the steps if you prefer to use your left hand to fire.

Step 1: Peices

Gather the following pieces:
10 red
1 orange
2 yellow
3 dark grey
1 light grey
1 tan
1 green
1 white
5 blue
4 white
4 red connectors
1 broken rod

Step 2: Step 1

Assemble the following:

Step 3: Step 2

 Refer to the top view for clarity. Combine all of the parts that you made previously to make this:

Step 4: Firing

 Follow the instructions in the notes.

Step 5: Automatic Trigger Reset

Add this onto the gun for the trigger to be reset automatically, but then it won't be rubber-band-less anymore.
If this were to be able to reload and snap into place automatically it will be a semi auto
mod works well. i modded it even more so that i dont even have to toucch mag to make it reload. i put a spring on between the yellow and red peices
COOL! NOW IT'S SEMI AUTO! YAY!<br /> btw, where did u get a spring? from a clicky pen?<br />
ya&nbsp; the first time i did. but it hast to be wide so im testing with wire right now. so far the spring is better
I tried the spring, but I think it's too skinny. Please send me a pic of yours with the spring, and I'll post it in my instructable if you like.
ok sure. sry for delayed response i havent been on in awhile
<p>must u break the rod for ammo?</p>
<p>Sorry the image is upside down but good job! it is a cool easy to build and use. 5*</p>
Really good and a nice way to BREAK THESE REDS but its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have you ever broken a red rod with this gun. it seems like it would with the stress when you shoot it
If you meant by a red connector (since no red rods are used), well, I have yet to break one when using this gun.
how it shoots?? it is not a good weapon!!
Did you even build it?
Its been like 6 months. . .<br>So. . . how's it going?
What notes?<br>
The notes on the picture, the yellow rectangles.
there still aren't any of those in the pics.
So you don't see any yellow rectangles on the pics? It is probably problem on your side, try using a different browser.
Worked on google chrome. Thanks!
I don't really want to break my piece is there a different piece i could use.
I dont think there is, but you can use any broken rod.
Could you please make a video of you firing it?
Huh. Not the best but innovative. 4.5 Stars. ^_^
I Dont get the top front, its different then you pic on how to build it The yellow connector is in a different spot
i can assure you that it is not. Several other people did not find any mistakes, so please check again.
This is Beautiful.
Amazing i use as my secondary
&nbsp;Cool. What do you use as a primary?<br /> Also, I modified it, so the trigger is reset automatically. It can shoot faster, And maybe you can even use it as a primary.&nbsp;<br />
Sry didnt read second part. i could prob modify mine to blowback so i could use dual
&nbsp;I modified the instrutable, adding the mod I made. It's still not fully semi-auto, so I don't know how you can use dual.
ill try modding it more
25 mag semi pistol
I don't get how you build the part that holds the bullets on the magazine. Can you give me a pic?<br /><br />
here<br />
&nbsp;Did u see the top view? BTW, the magazine is a broken rod.
thanks for replying so fast!
&nbsp;You got it right?
Im usually a person that can figure things out, but in this case, i don't have a clue on where you put the bullet (and by &quot;red&quot; are you referring to the 3 connection corner piece?), and i don't see how this thing might fire, seeing as the only moving part is a flimsy snap-on piece.<br /> Any help would be great! (especially if your still watching this instructable!)<br /> things are looking quite good so far however.<br /> thanks in advance.
Look at the top view on Step 3 (second to last). This is a new rubber-band-less firing system, where the bullet breaks off the barrel. I have edited the notes on some pictures. If u still have questions, please ask.

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