Knex Gun ENT95


Introduction: Knex Gun ENT95

About: I dont play with knex anymore

this is my knex gun ENT95 its looks cool.

Step 1: Handle/trigger

just follow the pictures

Step 2: Barrel

just follow the pictures

Step 3: Attach

just follow the pictures

Step 4: Ram and Mag Pusher

just follow it.

Step 5: Place Rubberbands's

need 3 rubberbands.

Step 6: Holder for the ENT95

this is the holder for the ENT95

Step 7: Mods

I love mods. So do you have mods, tell me!!



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    could it shoot rods

    Excellent gun, Im using it as help making my Mp7a1

    2 questions 1 do you have to reload from the front of the barrel to fire 2 is it a true trigger

    1 reply

    two very obvious questions, but I will answer them 1- no, it has a mag in the grip 2- yes, isnt it obvious?

    ah well, nothing that new. 3.5* and LOL @ the first pic on step 5.

    I love mods. I gonna make the handle better :)

    Pretty sweet 4*s!

    ok well this is a decent gun. first ive seen of that angle of a handle with that type of handle(i may be wrong) and the barel looks good over all 4*

    ok not to be mean but this guns handle need some serious modding and the barrel need to be a bit shorter then u will have a gun worthy of 3* at best.