Hi guys!

i thought id quickly make this slide-show for beginners on knex guns,

its just the basic mags used on knex guns

i didnt do all the rods cause red and grey ant really used much

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(in each pic its the mag and mag pusher then a different angle!)


You sir are a Boss.
awesome for beginners and whatever you say he didnt look at the other newer mags before and he probably just wanted to post this
Thanks but on my screen you haven't
This is great. I liked how the pictures were not blurry.
Thank you mate ! :)
Thanks to you, I found that perfect magazine for display/gun.
Thanks mate<br><br>Sub if you liked it.
Nice and simple. Cool!
(Sorry for very late reply) Thanks!!
We're too the point that teaching a newb how to use these old magazines would be like teaching a solider how to use an M1 Garand. We might as well bring them into the age of removable and tilting magazines, and turrets even if they're more complicated.<br />
these are the BASIC magazines<br /> <br /> not the latest curved and removable mags<br />
and the newbies can just experiment once they have got the hang of it
...I get that... and I'm saying they're somewhat obsolete. The open blue rod magazine is about the only one out of those that we still use today. We've made better magazines for pretty much every other type of ammo. So lets just teach newbs how to use make and use those magazines instead. <br /> I've noticed a trend with newbs these days. They're overall making better guns because they have better guns to have reference too. <br />
this is quite helpful.....<br />
...about two years ago :p<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> (DJ, DON'T correct me on that!)<br />
lol<br />
&nbsp;there are tons of better ways to make mags. you got the yellow rod mag wrong, and the grey connector mag wrong.
There is a better one for yellow rods, and a better pusher for the green rod mag.<br /> Look at the desperado for the yellow rod mag that is better.<br /> Look at my Skorpion for the better mag push...
thnx<br />

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