Hey, so this is the first from the list of recommendations, the recommendations list will be in the forums now, because i cant have it as photos, but anyways, here is the the vector, idea by Bwbt1, i have tried my best on this, it is a very complex one,but i managed to make it work.

-Link to forum list-

-Looks good
-Breech loading

-Mag is fake
-Could use some work
-Stock is a little wobbly, i may mod it.

other than that, ill keep working on this one, maybe ill post. well see.
nice man. XD
Does the round fall out of the breach when you turn it on it's side? I have a way to fix that, if you have that problem. I know you broke the gun, but I was just wondering...?
It stays, theres a rubber band if you dont see it which pulls up a section to hold it in place.
Alright, kinda like on my PDR. Thanks man.
plzzzzzzz post
I like your guns :D, and I would very much like it if you look at mine :D and tell me what you think of it :D
Front part is larger, but gun still looks good. 4.5*
Nice <br>
Thanks :)
What do you think of my version of gtrains vector :D
EPIC, It would be awsome if the mag worked :D
With the width of the mag, im not sure i could, unless i made it a slamfire, but that would be harder.
the grey connectors could be slightly sidways maybe.
Looks great! Is that black rod on the stock for reinforcement? <br>4* =D
Yep, it can hold without it, but if youre going to shoulder it, i would recommend it.
My favorite gun ever
Thanks :)
No joke im waiting to get The kriss vector airsoft gun its 400$ but i love this gun so much i dont care
I love this, because of how you added the breech just like the one in the picture.
Thou should post this.
wow, nice! <br>i tried making one too, didn't turn out too great : /
My first one didnt go too well, i took 3 different approaches for this one. I chose this one to be more solid in the stock (the approach i mean) and, but this one worked best. Anyways, thanks, and glad you liked it :)
no problem!
Awesome! 5 stars. This looks very realistic.
Thanks :D
No problem. =D
Great job (again =D)
Can you please post?
You going to post
Most likely, but im going to work on it more if anything.
MY idea! Thanks for building this you have done a great job :D
Yep, thanks for the idea, and thanks :)
I really, really, like this. I hope you post it because from the looks of it I could make the mag work, and maybe reinforce the stock more without the rod. 5*s.
I mean, it can stand alone without the rod, but i prefer it.
I tried, but i couldnt get it to work, especially because of the width, but anyways, thanks :)
I must have it!!!!

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