Knex Gun, the Offspring





Introduction: Knex Gun, the Offspring

Hey guys, sorry i havent posted aything in a while, ive been having to deal with ALOT of things, but i got a bit of free time and was able to upload pics, so, let me know what you think.

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Senior Waffleman~

Thanks guys for all of your wonderful comments, ill try to get around posting soon, when i find time =)

[UPDATE] There has been several modifications, pics will be up soon.

-Two Different Sights
-Removable foregrip
-Removable Mag

-Doesn't work if not banded right
-Mag isn't ironman [Still working on the mag]
-I think it gets Ok range, could be better

Range 45Ft.≈

Thanks guys for your support :D



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    Why are you so good with stocks? Tell me why.

    I don't know, i build guns starting from the stock really, then i work from there, and also, i look for most comfort, i just build :P

    You should do an ible on how to make a good stock!

    Or on the whole gun, lol, soon. Im kinda busy right now.

    cannot survive without instructions!

    If you want it to be a SIG 552, it will have to shoot white rods, or similar length ammo. My friend has an ICS SIG 552, and this just doesn't look enough like it to be a nice replica. If I were you, I'd keep it as the offspring.