Here is my new knex gun!
It's a replica airgun and it shoots like 25 ft with white rods.
You'll see how it works on this photo's.
more break action rifle than air fun but still awesome
This POS couldn't be an airgun in a million years.
Why not?
It's not air-powered.
Oooooooooohhhhh! Total PWNAGE
Sounds like another case of Bumlick.
True, true...
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Looks good, but the title is misleading.
Thank you:P and about the title, can i change it?
if you don't like it, look at your own guns and stop talking about mine.
yeah but peoples called their weapons sniper, and it&acute;s also not the same meganism as a real sniper , it&acute;s still bolt action. What i mean is that it looks like an airgun so i called it airgun.
It's not bolt action, and that's a rather misleading title for a gun. If you called it a replica of an airgun then it would be less misleading.
ah i see it's just supposed to be more of a break barrel loading action for a pellet gun..still looks pretty good 3.5 &spades;

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