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Introduction: K'nex Gun / Arrow Shooter

About: 13 years old, Born in and still living in ********, 9th grader at *HH (******** middle school), A+ student, get along with every1 realy exept for all the loosers in my school all my jock friends a smart as w...

this is a great gun and i will make a video for every1 to see it its very powerful it shoots up to and probaly more than 20 feet o.k no jok but i no the design is simple but i will make it better and update it when i can tell me if you want instructions its very simple and you might be able to make from pic

Step 1:

Give a general description of the Steple 2d grip

Step 2: K'nex Gun / Arrow Shooter HANDLE


Step 3: Arrows / BULLETS


Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:



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    You're too young to be on this site by your birthdate...

    9 replies

    He's 13, IAmCanadian is like 12.

    im not 13 im 14 it only says that because it was already a default on the card so i couldnt be bothered to change it

    march 1996 = 13 and one moth-ish

    Ah... I got mixed up... I appologize, Knex Gun Maker.

    13. Dont you gotta be 15 to use the site?

    No, you have to be 13. I've clearly stated I'm only 14 on my profile, so if you had to be 15 I'd be banned by now.

    I would recommend showing a picture of the whole gun not some random picture you made

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    OK m8 i will thanks for the T.I.P hope we meet again lol

    Hehe... Sometimes we have to lie! ;)

    Why? I don't mind at all.

    I just dont want it on the internet. Thanks!!

    erm, im gonna be the first one to comment on your gun and not your bday. The gun being breech loaded is pointless if it doesnt have a fake barrel on it, but I guess it was to take away from the fact that this is a tube and stick with a true trigger. I think 20 feet is a bit short for single shot guns anywhoo. not gonna rate this one.

    you have to be 13 and im 14 so so yea i can go on this site