Knex Gun (basic Slide Gun) + Ideas




Introduction: Knex Gun (basic Slide Gun) + Ideas

Hey. well for the gun it goes about 7 to 23 ft. Its a simple and basic gun plz make a cool gun out of this and post is.For ideas well I not make a hammer our slide gun and a handle bolet clip?
Plz if u have a question of some sort ask me.Even if its to know how to make a sertan triger or anithing ask me ANITHING.

Step 1: Ram Easy Part

Just a normall ram u can tap it.

Step 2: The Suporter Ram.(easyest)

It suports the ram and the sliding this lol.

Step 3: The Barel.

Its not that hard to make and u need to push the triger up when in use.

Step 4: The Sliding Thing Lol.

u need it to push backwords the ram kinda cool. 9 yellows if ur wondering.

Step 5: Crapy Handle.

PLz make a knew hadle this is a basic 1 thats y its so waky lol. And also for all the gun see the intro put elastic 1 fot the triger that always go downd and some at the ram u can also put gray and not a black piece fot the suporter and a orange at the ram. hope u love it.



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    add it together? or is it self-explanatory?

    doesnt matter but i did mods to the handle and it looks cool

    you should post it plz XD

    ill tell you in text get two yellow rods and a lot of single clip connectors and connect them together in a pattern and then attach to the gun underneath the block trigger if u still need help i will do a pic

    this is a block trigger. have you look around the site or at my comments?

    I guess that means your getting the list?