Knex Gun (grenadelauncher)





Introduction: Knex Gun (grenadelauncher)

Hi, this is my knex grenade launcher. It shoots about 15 to 35 ft. You can make it smaller on small guns and also you can make it bigger with longer rods to big knex gun. This one is a medium size. You can attach it to any gun as u like like i attach it on my sniper :D so i hope you love it. O and one last thing the gray circles look at pic to see u always need that for any size knex grenade launcher.

Step 1: Ram Easy Part

Tape the ram!!!

Step 2: Blocking Tryger

Blocking trigger wen you want to use u have to pull up on the black part.

Step 3: Bollet

put the black piece in the holes of the barrel.



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    how do you make the gun the gun is 3 pages than stops

    uuum. Where are the instructions for the launcher? i only see how to make the ram and the trigger and bullet.

    well some 1 posted my instruction some were so its not on my name even tho I created it and well its kinda simple... 4 red rods some white snowflakes 4 silver berring a orange conector with the blue rod a bullet and a ram and BOOM their you have it

    LoL. Someone should make a knex gun/launcher!

    . . . wath are you? BLIND!

    lol i know your failed Lmoa

    No.... Someone should make a knex gun launcher. Read again until you understand what I mean.