This is the modded version of my old tiny torture gun =p.
This is a good gun for beginners!
because its easy and has a range of 30-40ft!

Step 1: Build the Gun

how to build the whole gun

Step 2: Out It Together

have FUN!!!
Can you post something better than a block trigger, it's good but I seriously hate block triggers!:(
i luv block triggers! theyr so easy to make! btw, does the bullet stay in the barrel so u can point it down?
they also suck
Ehh, nothing really good about this gun its yet another block trigger, only 1 piece mod from the original, and your 3rd block trigger. Try looking around the site for ideas and try making a multi shot gun or something with a true trigger. 2/10
how is this gun 2/10, it isnt the best looking but is a powerful pistol and will bruise you if you put 10 elastic bands on, i give it a 9/10 cos its easy to make and good for a beginner like me XD
Yes, but anyone can do this. Any gun with enough rubberbands can go through anything. Powerfull isnt everything it also needs something new, something that nobody has done before.
i have got something that nobody has
what is it
i made some mods for it
ATTENTION ALL K'NEX GUN-MAKERS or better still ESPECIALLY ww2 gun enthusiasts<br/><br/>Please visit:<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them-/">https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them-/</a><br/>
Please dont post simple guns like these. They stink.
actually, its the perfect gun for beginners. my second gun and its pretty good
actually instructables already has more than 75 simple beginer guns like these
how far does it shoot?
hey i made a handle mod for this and i think it should be called a pocket gun like a lasr resort
also if u put the rubber band on the left itll automaticly cock the block trigger once it can
oh yeah ur right.. .thats kinda cool
why does everyone have to bash him could you make a better one. people i swear aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
i made a gun like dat but it needs a bit of work on the firing pin <em><strong>without</strong></em> using tape<br/>
thats not funny augsut345, or are you just trying to piss us off on purpose
Mine owns so stop making fun of him if he likes making block triggers FINE just leave him alone P.S. I got a got 50-70 feet and one the last 1 slot grey connector I put a red/grey connector and put the smallest gray rods there to hold the elastics
It's still a great gun! I mean it's compact and shoots far! (I got 100 fett off of it!) So stop discriminating him!! btw NICE gun -J
exactly how is that discriminating
It makes it seem like all the stuff he makes is bad. Sorry if I messed up trying to figure out what you said. -J
Wtf? Discriminate?
Mod? It's the same shit. A one piece difference? Big deal!
how it fire
be a little eisier on the people who are just getting used to block triggers, and are new to knex guns.They didnt join the sight the same time you guys did, so they are not as expirienced.
Then they shouldn't post crap, since they know everything else is much better!
I've built... bunduks pocket gun, drageno's crossbow, wicky's crossbow, handheld small mg, arch angel's sniper, oodalumps cannon, marble gun by k'nexman,the ultimate k'nex rifle with hopper, the k3 pistol, the sniper rifle that takes up a bunch of grey rods, the RBG repeater, and still, this is the worst.
ummm not to be mean fobblewabble but this is his 3rd block trigger instructable
oh, thats differerent
&quot;This is a good gun for beginners!<br/>because its easy and has a range of 30-40ft!&quot;<br/><br/>I've read this 50 times in the past month, and each time was on a different Instructable. = /<br/>
what you dont insult killerk's guns and his is block trigger
because that was the first one
No, it was the second, but his is the best.
trainman and gamer5, shut the freakn hell up (good job august345)

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