Knex Gun That Holds About 20 Blue Bullets in the Magazine





Introduction: Knex Gun That Holds About 20 Blue Bullets in the Magazine

This gun fires blue rods that are dropped into the barrel via the magazine then are pushed out the barrel by the firing pin; unoriginal i know but i tried. This is my first instructable so some of you may thing it isnt very good, but please dont post loads of comments on how bad it is or how useless the instructions are. (Sorry KILLERK i kinda used some parts on this gun that your gun has!)

Step 1: Magazine Part One

The dark grey connectors are pieces of which I sawed in half with a hack saw; however i believe there are knex pieces like that. The rod is a yellow.

build the two parts in the second picture below and attatch them to the first picture. They should look like the part in the third picture.

Step 2: Building the Body to the Gun

Simply follow the pictures below.

Step 3: Building the Rest of the Magazine

Again follow the steps below. Leave a comment if it is hard to see what to do. :) The pictures are pretty fuzzy sorry about that!

Step 4: Handle Attachment and Firing Pin

enter longer description for this step

Step 5: Elastic Band Positioning

add more elastic bands for more power

Step 6: You're Done!

I hope you'll have fun with this as a certainley enjoyed making this instructable. I will post better guns soon. Enjoy :)



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Questions & Answers


good! nice trigger!

Yeah, hes rite and this looks like that copy of "knex pistol V2 even more updated"

i modded this into a gun with an 80 round mag and no handle and you have to pull the ram back, which pulls a mag back, and that causes the bullet to drop straight into the barrel

this is oodalumps pistol, rage made a copy that held 12 shots, but this version or the original is my favorite. this is good/ok for its time period so i rate 3.5.

dude, like 10 people did that with their uzis so its not ur idea

Errrm... What piece did you saw in half? Because you cant tell if the top of the brown things is round or a connector :S if it is round then yes they do have a piece like that

they do. its a black ball joint connector. but he used the grey one hole connectors :[) Cartuner55 :[)