This is my 3'rd thing ive put on the site. It took me 3 hours for design 10 minutes for trigger and 45 minutes to perfect it.

Please comment if you want me to post.

Credit for sight go's to Viccie.B1993

Although i took away the y clips on it in order to fit the gun
<p><strong>PLS INSTRUCTIONS</strong></p>
<p>so little bullets?</p>
<p>that is one heck of a magazine, looks fun</p>
A few words. Not enough Ammo!
*Face palm...*
Cover me, i've got a reload!
looks great definitely post. To everybody who is whining about overkill and reload time, technically couldn't you just shorten the mag size to your liking?
not hard just make the mag super long<br>
Well... Duh.
how long does it take to reload?<br>
way overdone
Idk if the mag is big enough can you make it bigger??
Make the magazine removable, we don't want to be running out of ammo now do we? :3
lloks kinda heavy and would probably be taller dan u and mag is th monopod
the mag is overkill but makes me lol!
A little front heavy dont you think?<br />
1 word : <br /> <br /> LOL&nbsp;!!!
&nbsp;I just lovvvvvvv this gun :) everytime i look at it it makes me smile!!!! LOL
&nbsp;Pretty good gun but<br /> <br /> the magazine..<br /> <br /> LAME<br /> <br /> just lame<br />
Takaing that from a guy who hasn't even tryed to make a mag on one of his posted guns &gt;.&gt;
&nbsp;Dude, i have made many mag fed guns, i'm just way too lazy to post them.. tried* btw
&nbsp;I gave this five stars awhile ago so.. &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; yea :)
a bit much don't ya think?
&nbsp;dude, think about it, wouldn't it be awesome to have that many rounds in a gun?<br /> omg i would prop my self up on the couch and fire it at a box for like an hour while i watch tv !!! LOL
true, but then it would take you a day to reload it.
15 min to reload :)
&nbsp;LOL its not in any way reasonable, but, after you have reloaded it.... WOOT!!
or you could just have more than one,then you wouldn't have to worry about reloading. :)<br />
nope<br />
I'm willing to bet there's a lot of mag friction.<br />
&nbsp;a little wd-40 fixed that
NEVER use WD-40 on a plastic product.<br />
Tell me about it.
Sorry, but I don't know the effects WD-40 has on plastic.<br /> Can somebody fill me in?
It could &quot;melt&quot; or eat away at&nbsp;the plastic cuz it's a petroleum product. You would be better off using a spray silicone.
Melting, eating, aciding&nbsp; .............. cool!!!<br />
Yup, tel me about it.&nbsp;:-P
Hey I gotz an idea make a spirally sorta magazine then one of those bendable peices could be used as the ammo ram pusher thing! then instead of 99 make 100... ... ...<br />
&nbsp;it actually looks pretty sweet!!! 5 stars please post!!!
&nbsp;how long it takes to reload?:p
now if only it was a trifle, it would be the 100% perfect knex war gun<br />
i know haha<br />
You don't think you over did it a little bit?
nope<br />
really?&nbsp; a 99 shot mag?
Thats actually kinda funny. No need for a bipod....<br />

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