Introduction: Knex Gyroscope

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This knex gyroscope can be placed on any surface to tell the orientation of the instrument, and the slope of the surface that it is placed upon.

Pieces needed:
Green rods: 2
White rods : 17
Yellow rods: 6
Red rods: 11
Gray rods: 6
Orange two way connectors: 4
Gray single connectors: 6
Red Threeway connectors: 12
Yellow semicircle connectors: 4
Purple connectors: 12
Blue spacers: 11
Gray spacers:16
Ball joint receiver: 6

Total parts: 113

Step 1: Weighted Pendulum

Picture of Weighted Pendulum

For this entire instructable, you will be following the pictures.

Step 2: Middle Rotation Ring

Picture of Middle Rotation Ring

Step 3: Base and Final Assembly

Picture of Base and Final Assembly

You are now finished with the gyroscope!


Knextremely stupid (author)2015-05-25

Awesome although not much of a practical use

That's probably true, but I think it's pretty doable because it's very recourse effective. Just over 100 pieces

sandroknexmaster (author)2015-05-24


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