this it it, its old and destroyd, because i never bothered posting it, but when i looked it up, most werent very good,(no offense to people who posted them), if there are any suggestions on making it again and posting or modifications, please let me know
Blue mullet no one likes you :)
 completely agree with sonic-great replica(is it a tiny bit smaller than the real one). 4*
i know, its cuz thats really old and i didnt have that many pieces back then<br />
&nbsp;yeah-still good use of pieces u did have =D
<p>this is not even half of what i have!!!!!</p>
showoff, and no one cares
thanks<br /> <br />
u can always make it urself with the pic (thats what i did though but i tookk it apart XD)
&nbsp;dude its like you already posted it cuz i can easily build it from the pic that you have and this has to be the best energy sword yet<br /> <br /> 4*<br />
thanks, make it and show me, i wanna see if u missed any<br /> <br />
&nbsp;well i managed to get some free time so heres a pic of the Energy Sword<br /> <br /> Please note that the red connector at the end of the sword was added for more stability<br />
nice, do u want me to post on the slideshow<br />
no ty
&nbsp;i cant start now because i have to do school il try to get pics at 6:00PM

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