I decided that the next project after the scorpion tank was to make the needler from halo. I have seen a few tries at this gun using K'nex but they were very simple and nothing special so I wanted there to be a complex and special K'nex needler out. Here it is.

Note: this is based off the Halo 1, 2, 3 needler designs and not the new recent halo reach version. personally I feel they made all the older covenant weapons flat in a way.

I personally think this thing looks ferocious.

I hope you like this needler as much as I did.

When I finally can bring my self to take this apart I will put up a guide.

Guide is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Halo-Needler-guide/

<p>this looks cool. It's awesome! Mine is pretty great, but I'd say this tops it.</p>
Built this years ago before I had Instructables. it's amazing!!
Epic is right!!!Thats awesome!!!
Man I wish i had enough Knex to make that=(
Thrift stores are a great way to get knex cheap
Whoa, that's good.
NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &gt;:3
Does it shoot?<br>
WOW first good looking needler
Best needler I've ever seen, very accurate I must say. Well done.
Haha wow this is very good.
Do the needles explode? all sorts of possibilitys there, brothers, cousins, the odd demolition job... XD
The best needler I've seen!
I agree with DJ. Shorten and make the front bit come to a curved point and this will be near perfect. Good work!
This looks great =D
This is the best needler on the site but the front part is a bit too wide. It's supposed to narrow down instead of open up like a pair of jaws like on yours.
This is pretty cool 5*
Even though its a replica, its still the best needler on the site! =D

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