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Introduction: Knex Handle Mag Pistol

About: Hey everyone, you may have noticed i left for a good 6 months or so. Well im back and i hope you will all enjoy my work to come. Thanks bye! And one more thing... lets try to be a bit creative with our guns...

This is my first knex gun with the mag in the handle AND the mag to be sideways!
Please build my gun and tell me what you think about it.

Looks appealing( my opinion)
Shoots about 20 feet
Power can be increased
10 shot mag (mag can be increased as always)
Mag=Handle+slant :D
True trigger
Comfy handle

Jams occasionally
You have to apply extra force to the ramrod unless the magpush is barely pushing the ammo up.(hard to explain)

Step 1: First Layer

Make this.
Add your gray/white rods.

Step 2: Track/second Layer

Make/collect these.
Make these.
Add as shown.
Same here.

Step 3: Trigger

Make this.
Make these.
Add it on.
Flip your gun and add this gray/white rod.
Pop your trigger on.
I lost the pic but, fill in your third layer are just mirroring the other side, not that difficult.
Grab this.
Add it on.

Step 4: Check

Here's what you should have.

Step 5: Ramrods, Magpushes, Gripstuff, and Banding, Oh Mai Gawd!

Make these.
Add these on.
And these.
Grab this.
Wrap it around.
Pop it in.
Grab this.
Band it!
These DO go in at an angle. Be careful here.
Make sure your mag push goes in with the elbow side facing the back of the gun.
Push it in for this result.
Band it like this.
Grab these.
Band here.
And here.
Make this.
Add these.
Click it in.

Step 6: Your Done!

Nice job, you made it through my instructable! Don't forget to rate and comment. Thanks!

After looking over this, I think the mag should be finshed because it seems unfinished. I'm not gonna post pictures but I'll tell you what to do...

Add a yellow/gray connector (half circle) to the end of the mag on one side.
Copy the same pattern as the rest of the mag.... From left to right.... Gray/white rod snapped into half circle + the black thing (tagged below) holding the gray/white rod.
Then pop your gray connectors on with the green rod(tagged below)
Put the other half circle on top of alllll that, like a sandwich.

If not then let me know and I'll do my best to explain it!



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    there is a way to make a handle that is in the middle of straight down and how slanted this one is! check out my handgun if you want to know how to make that handle!

    My pistol is almost identical to yours, although it shoots green rods

    My pistol is almost identical to yours, although it shoots green rods

    My pistol is almost identical to yours, although it shoots green rods

    wow this was a pretty bad gun i thought but thanks so much!!! and i have made alot of good stuff after this gun, and thanks for subbing!!!

    Not bad. I like the idea of using white rods for the ammo.

    Yep, I think this guy will make some great guns, judging from what you've made, there's a lot of hope for you!

    1 reply

    no problem!

    NICE!!! I see you got it done. I might use this one in my war instead of the USP.

    4 replies

    yeah thanks, it's not perfect though, but it's not bad.

    True, I think it looks pretty good.