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Do you have a drawer or box full of iPhone cords? Are you looking for a way to store your cords in a way that will make your friends wish that they didn't buy one of those boring plastic cord racks? Well look no more! Today, I will show you how to build an iPhone cord rack out of nothing but K'nex! Yes, you heard me right: nothing but K'nex! Plus, if you have all of the parts, it won't cost you a single cent! Or, you can just say that it's FREE! Proceed to the next step to start building your very own K'nex iPhone Cord Rack! Trust me, it's worth it!

NOTE: This instructable will show you how to build a cord rack for four iPhone cords. This cord rack only works with the newer, smaller adapters. However, it does work with the newer and older cords. (See second picture for clarification.) Feel free to modify this cord rack to your needs!

Step 1: Piece Count

These are the pieces needed to build the K'nex iPhone Cord Rack. Remember, this cord rack can be modified! All parts are listed in their classic color.


Green: 103

White: 40

Blue: 8


Yellow: 24

Red: 8

3D Purple: 14

3D Blue: 6

Orange: 16

White: 22


Black Y-Clips: 8

Grand Total

249 Pieces!

Step 2: Base: Part 1

Picture of Base: Part 1

In this step, you will build the first part of the base. This is a pretty boring step.

Step 3: Base: Part 2

Picture of Base: Part 2

You will now build the second part of the base! Unfortunately, this step is also boring.

Step 4: Putting the Base Together

Picture of Putting the Base Together

Finally, you're done with the base! This is the easiest step in the whole instrucable.

Step 5: The Holding Clips

Picture of The Holding Clips

This is how the cords stay in the charger. Technically, you're done with the cord rack! But, if you want to know how to store your cords, then you should read the next step. (It's an important step.)

Step 6: How to Store Your Cords!

Picture of How to Store Your Cords!

Now, what the cord rack is actually used for! Make sure you read the image notes! If this step isn't clear enough, let me know and I'll change it.

Step 7: You're Done!

Picture of You're Done!

Congratulations! You just completed your very now K'nex iPhone Cord Rack! I hope that this helps when you organize your cords. :) If you build or modify this, post a picture in the comments and I'll add it to this step! This is also my entry for the Toy Rods And Connectors Contest. I would greatly appreciate it if you would vote for this! I hope you enjoyed reading or building this! See you next time!



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