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Hello All Instructables readers! If you got your hands on a iPhone and are a huge fan of Knex and dont like Apples Dock? Heres one for you!


Step 1: Stuff..

Picture of Stuff..

-5 Orange peices
-5 Yellow peices
-2 green peices
-3 White peices
-iPhone (duh)

Step 2: Connect Peices 1

Picture of Connect Peices 1

Grab 2 of your greens and 2 Yellows, On either side, follow the the pic says...

Step 3: Connecting Peices 2

Picture of Connecting Peices 2

Again look at the pics....... the second is blurred

Step 4: Connecting Peices 3

Picture of Connecting Peices 3

Yet Again look at pics

Step 5: Connecting Peices 4

Picture of Connecting Peices 4

Look at pics.

Step 6: Connecting Peices 5

Picture of Connecting Peices 5

Look at pic....

Step 7: Connecting Peices 6

Picture of Connecting Peices 6

Look at pic

Step 8: Connecting Peices 7

Picture of Connecting Peices 7

Look at pic............

Step 9: Done!

Picture of Done!

Enjoy your new iDock (i made up a name..)


pls (author)2008-04-16

if i had an iphone i wouldn't put it on knex.

bannana inventor (author)pls2008-10-07

I would if it was in a case. :D

jamnoopers (author)2007-08-14

ok instructable.. but, if someone spent so much on their holy iPhone, why would they set it on a knex dock? it kind of ruins its beauty.

Mad Cat (author)2007-07-03

"I am not liable if you damage your iPhone!" ~Rolls Eyes~ What are we gonna do, sue you for this Instructable? Anyway, nice idea, but if I had an iPhone, I probably wouldn't use this.

CaffeineHouse (author)Mad Cat2007-07-16

i was trying to build a knex dock and i accidentally jabbed a knex through my iphone screen, it came out the back of my iphone. what should i do?

Mad Cat (author)CaffeineHouse2007-07-16

A real iPhone? Well, then, get it fixed, but you have to pay heaps...

CaffeineHouse (author)Mad Cat2007-07-16

lol no i was joking

Mad Cat (author)CaffeineHouse2007-07-19

Thought so...

BLACKROD (author)2007-07-03

lol, Creative, Its pretty cool, but there is no way I would put my ipod, DS Lite, or even an iPhone on it. It would be too prone to scratches, and being me, I hate scratches. I won't even set my iPod on a flat surface, unless it is padded. And, what if the iPhone was "nudged" by accident? Well, Good job anyways. LOL, where did you find the paper iPhone?

DIY iPhone<--- It takes lot of cardboard, But neat! only if it worked (ROFL)

Ohhh, this is much better than the one I foung earlier. Thanks alot.

Your Welcome!

Oh, you can put some rubber pads on the knex to prevent scratches.

Plus that would prevent it from sliding off.


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