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THIS IS NOT MY IDEA! PLEASE DO NOT SAY I COPIED cam001001!! This is just a improvement for it because my iNano didnt fit.

Step 1: Build Cam001001's Dock

Step 2: Modify

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Pic 1: Pieces U Need
Pic 2: Take off grey piece at the top and the metallic spacers. Discard 2 of them, you only need 4 not 6
Pic 3: Build this. Take one metallic spacer, put it on, then take the 2 orange connectors and connect with the green peice, then put it together as in pic.
Pic 4:

Step 3: Done!

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Final product


Daniel662000 (author)2007-11-18

what is the point of this can't you hold it in your pocket or your hand?

well no kidding it is called a DOCK When u plug it in to charge or sync w/ itunes u dont have to worry about scrathes ony your desk

Maybe your Nano isn't Nano enough? (: |

Mepain (author)2007-11-18

iNano?? I thought it was called ipod Nano...

lilpepsikraker (author)Mepain2007-11-20

sorry i always say it is a inano yes it is a ipod nano

Whaleman (author)Mepain2007-11-18

it is

Whaleman (author)2007-11-17

Just to let you know, saying that it is not your idea does not mean you aren't copying someone else's idea. If I copied and pasted a whole page about the war in Iraq and put "This is not my idea", then turned it in as an essay on Iraq, I still copied it. And I don't know anything about iPods because I have a Zen, I cannot rate this instructable.

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