Introduction: Knex IPod Touch Cradle

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Step 1: Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Step 1: Pieces

4 light purple connectors
4 white rods
2 green connectors
1 yellow rod

Step 2: Step 2: Build It

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Follow the pics!

Step 3: Step 3: Finished

Picture of Step 3: Finished

This was my first instructable, so please give feedback and or suggestions and recommendations! And thank you to everyone who will give me support!


goldninja (author)2013-10-27

Thanks and I didn't know that it was done b4

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-09-19


hunter999 (author)2013-09-19

Nice job! :)

hunter999 (author)hunter9992013-09-19

Although this has been done a million other times before....

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