K'nex Innovation Blueprints: the SACFARV1.0





Introduction: K'nex Innovation Blueprints: the SACFARV1.0

About: Hey there, thanks for taking time to veiw my Instructable/profile, I am PotatoCoffee and am interested in building a variety of things: K'nex,painting,drawing,craft and loads more! Thank you to Sunshiine for...

Hello K'nex community PotatoCoffee here with a new series of K'nex guns. Here I have two different versions of the SACFARV1.0 a larger double trigger version, and a more compact single trigger gun. Both have the same idea in mind. This gun is inspired by RollerCoasters when the gun is shot the firing rod ''cart'' fires foward and hits the bullet and then continues around the circuit to be blocked by the trigger again. If you need me to explain more then I am happy to. Picture two has the chain rotator.



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    I desperately want to see this as a real build

    Well could you make a blue-print of a bomb that would be used world wide???? i have plans EVIL PLANS!!!

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    Don't worry. I can get you a 30 mm auto cannon to keep the crazy man away.
    If that don't work there is always the 50mm sniper cannon.

    Well then there isn't much bigger than the Schwerer Gustav with it's 11 ton shell.

    Sorry only thing left would be a Cold War Soviet 50 megaton thermonuclear weapon. But that is just plain suicidal.

    This is cool. The idea of using residual momentum to bring the mech back to it's starting position is new. I don't see this design as being as practical as some other similar semi-auto mechs out there, but it gets me thinking "what could that residual energy reset concept could be used for?"

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    Yes it's not the most practical of concepts, I was simply posting it because it was new, it would work and was overly complex. Thanks for checking it out out!


    Yes, keep posting new stuff. Thanks!

    Thats going to be a tough build because of the shape of knex. They cant bend or anything. But nothing is impossible. I hope u continue with this because that would be one hell of a gun if you pulled it off.

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    The cake is a lie, but inside the cake there are bendy rods.