This is a simple knex knife i made when i was bored. Hope you guys like it! PLZ leave comments!


11 Yellow
7 Red
16 Grey
2 green
3 Light grey

1 Long grey
20 Green
12 White
1 Long bendy rod

13 Y connectors
2 Tan connectors
4 Blue spacers
2 Blue-metallic clips

Step 1: The Blade

Don't cut yourself while building it! lol!

Step 2: The Handle

Don't cut yourself building this either!

Step 3: You Are Done!

Finished! Now go stab something, (preferably not real!) BE HAPPY :)
I cut myself when I was making the blade
how mant pics did it take/ <br>
i like animals too!
but Seleziona doesnt XD
i just melee'd my bro with this :D like how Aaron Melee's in the youtube video The Online Gamer 6
Cool :)
i modded it cuz i only got 9ycons lost my other and it worked well
LOL!!!<br /> <br /> XD<br />
haha... i love this pic XD
YOUR <strong>REALLY</strong> Funny <br /> <br /> where do you get all this hilarious stuff<br />
My imagination man!!!!<br /> And thanks :D
lol &quot;que dramatic music&quot;... &quot;im a barbie girl in a barbie world!&quot;....
lmao, i put barbie in a microwave! jk :P
knife, sharp, knex, stab? lol... 5 stars for that
LOLzzz, thanks :D
? ...
Fail??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? you mean epic!!!
Naw. Fail.
lol it makes it funny cause the lion looks really annoyed
OH NO!!!<br /> <br /> ITS SO <strong><em>SHARP</em>&nbsp;</strong>I CUT MY WHOLE HAND OPEN!!<br />
OMG! CALL THE FIRE MEN!!!!!!!<br /> <br /> *seleziona calls 911*<br /> operator picks up. &quot;hello, 911, how may I help you?&quot; &quot;I'll get a big mac, supersized,&quot; Seleziona says. &quot;sir, you know you can get charged for making prank calls to 911.&quot; *seleziona pauses for a second.* &quot;So when will you deliver my cheeseburger?&quot; &quot;I'm tracing your call right now to see where you are.&quot; &quot;Is delivery free?&quot;<br /> &quot;Sir, you will be charged $500 for making this call, I have found where you are and am going to send a bill to your house.&quot;<br /> &quot;cool! This is my friend's house, so it's no problem!&quot;<br /> <br /> OMG!!!!!<br />
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha&nbsp;your really funny =D
lol, thanks!
ROFLOL<br />
What? Just something random again?
ert ert copier !! he copied dutchwarlords knife ert ert
I didn't even know he made a knife!
&nbsp;lol..... dutchwarlord did make a knife and this may be a similar design, but it doesnt use all the same pieces and only lokks the same shape, not same parts..... Seleziona's cool and seriously, WHO CARES!
Ya..... I am cool!
that last pic is funny as heck. but as for the knife itself, I dont see a point in knex knives as they dont cut anything.
and k'nex guns don't kill anyone
Really powerful knex guns can kill if they hit the target in the right spot. (neck, wrists, etc)
Then why couldn't a k'nex knife hit really hard into the right spot cause death
It could, maybe, but why would you want to kill someone?
I guess you are right about knex knives, but they are pretty fun!
I like how you rounded the tip! 4*!
Cool 4.5*

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