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Introduction: Knex Knife

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This is my knex knife.This is my first instructable so please go easy.

Step 1: The Blade

Its pretty easy.
1,2 and 3. All different angles!

Step 2: The Handle

Its pretty easy.

1,2 and 3, All different angles



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    yea,other wise the knife falls apart. Any ideas how to fix that? :/

    Sturdy knife, and amazingly good for your first instuctable. One little thing that will get you good comments: Try to get pictures that aren't as blurry. Im not criticizing, just trying to help. =D

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    Solid knife, and one of the few ones on this site which "work", but it's a little too simple to warrant an instructable really; I don't really like k'nex knives though, so maybe I'm not the best to ask :)

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    Holy crap. It's Lowney. I haven't seen you in a while.

    I'm still active on this site, but I don't really actively comment unless people ask me for their opinions/ask questions about stuff (like dansdoc). I have posted stuff recently though, and am quite active on my Youtube channel too (and it's not a gameplay channel)

    Ok sorry to bother you.

    Looks sturdy. Though I'm not realy an ''knives-person'' this seems ok. One thing I suggest is adding those little, black wheels (if you have them) on the handle. Makes it more comfortable

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