This is my knex knife.This is my first instructable so please go easy.

Step 1: The Blade

Its pretty easy.
1,2 and 3. All different angles!

Step 2: The Handle

Its pretty easy.

1,2 and 3, All different angles
do you have to have snow in it lol lol lol
yea,other wise the knife falls apart. Any ideas how to fix that? :/
Sturdy knife, and amazingly good for your first instuctable. One little thing that will get you good comments: Try to get pictures that aren't as blurry. Im not criticizing, just trying to help. =D
no the pic's are great and i love ir
Solid knife, and one of the few ones on this site which "work", but it's a little too simple to warrant an instructable really; I don't really like k'nex knives though, so maybe I'm not the best to ask :)
Holy crap. It's Lowney. I haven't seen you in a while.
I'm still active on this site, but I don't really actively comment unless people ask me for their opinions/ask questions about stuff (like dansdoc). I have posted stuff recently though, and am quite active on my Youtube channel too (and it's not a gameplay channel)
Ok sorry to bother you.
Looks sturdy. Though I'm not realy an ''knives-person'' this seems ok. One thing I suggest is adding those little, black wheels (if you have them) on the handle. Makes it more comfortable
ok thanks
no problem

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