The long anticipated(well for me) knex lever action rifle.Its based off lincolns repeater on Fallout 3(best freakin game EVER). Shoots 45 feet.Really cool complicated mech. The handle/stock is off my break action shotgun which some of you might have seen. It will be posted after done modding. But for now enjoy these pics of my best gun(mech wise).

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this is weird !
please make!
Does the lever cock it?
&nbsp;sweet! can I post this?<br /> well could you post more pics on the mech? PLEASE? POST!!!!!!<br /> or if not just post more pics.
Maybe depend on if i have any pics
you don't have any?<br /> but this is AWSM! seriously, I&nbsp;don't think their are any lever actions on this site that actually work! it would be a waste to decide not to post it, especially not post any more pics of the mech!
Half the people on here hated it so i destroyed it and took one other pic that might&nbsp; be of use
&nbsp;:( why do you listen to what other people say? this would have been Awsome! thanks for the pic, but is their any pictures of the mech left?
Would you like me to rebuild it and improve it and put a mag on it because i kinda miss this gun.
&nbsp;DEFINITLY! it will be a big hit if you warn people whats coming!
&nbsp;Please post this and does it have any broken rods at all because i dont know how t break them<br /> <br />
if it had broken rods, youd be dead by know. I&nbsp;think I&nbsp;shot my self in the face with the not a rectangle, and it hit my brain.
&nbsp;ouch one time i shot a pistol at a wall, it broke, and it hit me in my face
that happens to my face all the time!
i built something like this once, it was lever action but to look realistic it only held 3 shots.
i have a question i am working on a lever action repeater does yours automaticly reload when you cock it<br />
No watch the you tube vid
Cool gun!&nbsp; <br />
Hehe,&nbsp;I just got an idea for a lever action rifle myself. &nbsp;It will be very different from yours or the other lever action rifles.<br />
It looks ok. 4.5
pictures arent all that good so it looks kinda bad my camera wont focuss all that well anymore
Same here. My camera broke today.
looks so cool 5 stars<br /> and&nbsp;i have already subbed

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