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Introduction: Knex Life-size Energy Sword!

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I recently posted a forum, And some of you guys wanted me to post them. so here's one!
Also, since the sword is symmetrical I will only be making half of it, so make 2 of everything except the handle.

Step 1: The Handle

simple enough.

Step 2: Handle Connectors

make this. note the yellow connectors have been cut to fit on the handle.

Step 3: The Outer Blade

just make this. these are all flexible rods.

Step 4: The Inner Blade

you will want to make this

Step 5: Connecting the Inner and Outer Blade

follow the pictures. Too easy I only need 1 picture

Step 6: The Inner Blade Cont.

don't ask why it's in this order, it just is easier this way

Step 7: Connecting Inner Blade Peices

just follow the picture. ok?

Step 8: Connect Handle to Supports, and Connect Supports to Blade

the name of the step explained it all.

Step 9: Connecting Both Sides

do it!

Step 10: Making Connectors

just follow what you see.

Step 11: Adding the Connectors


Step 12: YAY!! You Did It!

you have finally completed making your energy sword!



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    Can it be made without so many bendy pieces?

    1 reply

    cant anyone make a energy sword split in two seprate bladesand nothng in the middle exept the handle

    2 replies

    You can always try making one that's spit too. It's not up to everyone but you.

    Probably, but if you do that all it can do is sit there becase it would only be connected by the handle and that's quite weak.
    So if you wanted to swing it around and such you would have to connect it somewhere in the middle.

    lol, that'll be hard

    not really in the halo 2 game book it practically tells ya how it works just find some plasma make it magnitised (by microcutting magnets and mixin them with the plasma) then put it into a handle wtih magnets on the handle so that after the plasma is released and heated the magnets make it look like a real one (i did my research and plasma is a real thing rare but real)

    obviously it is, its one of the four states of matter.

    yup but it is rare so it is not mentioned to like 1 to 5th graders also the northern lights are plasma

    actually, I didnt know plasma was a state of matter till 7th grade.

    i learned it in 4th boo-yah!!!

    It isn't all that rare... Every heard of lightning? Or Silly Putty?

    lightning is when clouds rub together and for the sillyputty plasma is a GAS not a solid or liquid

    Plasma takes the shape of its container, but does not pour. Thusly, Silly Putty is a plasma.

    extra fuel srry not ectra ful

    plasma is an ionized gas.

    you must be takin bout the plasma in TVs i am talking bout the all natural plasma like in space 'air' i guess you could call it or the northern lights

    no, true plasma is an ionized gas, the northern lights are caused by extra ions in light released by sunspots "exciting" air molecules and making them perform as seen in the northern lights or aurora borealis.