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hello, here is my luger posted.
(sorry it was a week late, but I was very busy)

If anyone needs extra photo's just ask, and now to the pro's and cons

-(IMO) the best LOOKING luger on this site
- working knee-joint (but has no function)
- shoots grey connectors
- comfy
-although in the instructable some broken parts are shown none are needed

- bad range (may be fixed by adding extra rubber bands)
- to shoot you have to remove a part of the front barrel.......
- some (with me very few) shots jam

okay so first of all I know the handle instruction is a bit though (when I uploaded the photos some dissappeared?)

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

Okay if you have any trouble just ask

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

This is the barrel
read the notes they are (sometimes) important

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

This is the trigger the broken yellow rod is as long as a blue rod,
I had accidentally broken a yellow so  I used that one for comfort.

Step 4: Ram Rod and Mag Push

Picture of Ram Rod and Mag Push

As easy as possible
the orange rod is as long as a grey/black rod so the longest (normal) rod

Step 5: Adding Everything

Picture of Adding Everything

Well, we're finally there adding everything


Dr MonkeyMan (author)2014-10-12

Dual wield these. Just do it.

FireFighter112 (author)2013-12-31

Echt een tof wapen!

AUG-5OM3 (author)FireFighter1122014-01-01

Dankjewel, ook wel een van de leukste om te maken samen met mijn mauser c96

FireFighter112 (author)AUG-5OM32014-01-02

ik ga proberen om die ook te bouwen (als ik er de onderdelen voor heb...

AUG-5OM3 (author)FireFighter1122014-01-03

haha succes laat maar weten of het is gelukt.

Kona-chan (author)2013-04-24

i really like this gun!
good job on it!

AUG-5OM3 (author)Kona-chan2013-04-24

Thank you very much. P.s. Je kunt gewoon Nederlands tegen mij praten hoor!

Kona-chan (author)AUG-5OM32013-04-24

god zij dank xD
this best een gaaf ding!!
en de enige met een echt knie effect
misschien kan je hem shell ejecting maken

AUG-5OM3 (author)Kona-chan2013-04-24

Ik ben bezig om hem te herbouwen en zo dat als je de trekker overhaalt dat het kniegewricht omhoog geduwd word en deze tegen de kogel slaat. Een nadeel is dat hij dan enkelschots wordt :s

Kona-chan (author)AUG-5OM32013-04-24

nou, succes!!!
en laat het me weten als het is gelukt!

mrmuffin (author)2012-07-15

do u need the ball

AUG-5OM3 (author)mrmuffin2012-07-16

No, it just creates friuction between the barrel plate and the handle plate. you can leave it out.

bob the HUNTER (author)2012-02-20

sick just built it and love it

AUG-5OM3 (author)bob the HUNTER2012-02-20


bob the HUNTER (author)AUG-5OM32012-02-21

your welcome so i was wondering if maybe you would let mod it a bit and change it to a whole other gun using some of your ideas

AUG-5OM3 (author)bob the HUNTER2012-02-21

Sure go ahead. Some credit would be fine =D

bob the HUNTER (author)AUG-5OM32012-02-21

ok thanks

WerthersOriginal (author)2011-09-23

i just built the gun it obviously doesnt shoot accuratley but other than that i love it

What do you mean 'obviosly it doesn't shoot' Mine worked just fine

i said " obviously doesnt shoot ACCURATLEY" YOU MISSED ACCURATLEY.
And i modded the gun so that on the after the last shot the mag push pushes the joint up. and i dont have a camera to show how to make the mod.......................

Coming back to this can you (if you still have it) try to explain it, because I was considering rebuilding it. And that would be a nice addition.

okay cool, too bad about hte cam i'll love to see it.

rmeyssen (author)2011-08-29

very nice gun i realy like it

hockys1 (author)2011-06-21

i modified it ever so slightly by extending the trigger and removing the guard

dr. richtofen (author)hockys12011-08-06

you look like you were having a lot of fun at that picture.


TheRacker (author)dr. richtofen2011-08-27

Lolz weed is funny

dr. richtofen (author)TheRacker2011-08-28

lol (*.*)

AUG-5OM3 (author)hockys12011-06-21

thanks glad you took your own ideas into it

jammy5 (author)2011-08-04


dr. richtofen (author)jammy52011-08-26

no, youre wrong:
1st= luger
2nd= nambu

nambu has no kneejoint this has one, so it is a luger he made

AUG-5OM3 (author)jammy52011-08-15

well I used Google image, and it does have a knee-joint on top so I believe it's a luger but I'm not sure.

black ops (author)2011-08-06

does it shoot bcuz mine doesnt shoot

AUG-5OM3 (author)black ops2011-08-15

yeah it shoots grey rods.

stryker3 (author)2011-06-26


NJL4JC (author)2011-06-02


AUG-5OM3 (author)NJL4JC2011-06-03

Thank you.

NJL4JC (author)AUG-5OM32011-06-04

No problem.

beanieostrich (author)2011-05-21

Oh, by the way; I made this gun and without the thing on the front, it looks a little like a Glock 18 =D

AUG-5OM3 (author)beanieostrich2011-05-23

Okay lol.

beanieostrich (author)AUG-5OM32011-05-23

I can get it to shoot 50 ft with my bands =D But the handle-mag failed on me. So it is now a single shot.

AUG-5OM3 (author)beanieostrich2011-05-23

That's too bad well it worked for me (except for the range.)

beanieostrich (author)AUG-5OM32011-05-23

Ive had bad luck with handle mags about 90% of the time.

mahmel (author)2011-05-12

tip: If you're post a replica, please post a picture of the real one so we can compare!

AUG-5OM3 (author)mahmel2011-05-13

Sorry I forgot here, but if you look at my Luger slideshow, you'll find it!

mahmel (author)AUG-5OM32011-05-13

oh, excuse me, I didn't noticed that...

AUG-5OM3 (author)mahmel2011-05-13

Never mind I'll upload a picture here as well

AUG-5OM3 (author)2011-04-20


I made a few attachments: a stock, an smaal kind of red dot sight, and an removable mag extension (you can remove the extended part) and more! up soons


Im_the_knex_god_hail_me (author)2011-04-19

awwww you beat me too it i was gunna make one but havent started yet maybe i will try to make a better one but i like this one good job

DJ Radio (author)2011-04-18

Not epic but not a bad replica either.

AUG-5OM3 (author)DJ Radio2011-04-18


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